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And again more delay through Burlington to Route three. Davidson Droney WBC's traffic on the threes. And we are joined Live by AKI Weathers, Dave Samuel With the four day forecast as we get through this snowstorm, Dave has looking Yeah, It's really coming down. Madison snowing very hard from downtown Boston, just south of West Quincy, just coming in with five inches of snow on the ground. But the winner loser, however, you want to think of it is Norwood 9.1 inches of reported there, and that was an increase of over three inches and less than eight hours. So we're seeing very heavy snowfall rates up with this band that is lining up just south of the best turnpike. We're seeing that really just a hammering areas like like again near Norwood and over towards Franklin and down towards Attleboro, Seeing the very heavy snowfall there. Heavy snow will continue for another few hours. But it should quickly wrap up tonight and we'll see the snow ending my seven or eight o'clock and almost all areas, But then temperatures take a nose dive will be down there 20 late tonight. So anything slushy gets frozen solid late tonight, and it will stay frozen with cold temperatures over the next few days. Mackey Weathers. Dave Samuel WBZ Boston's news radio. And right now it is a 31 degrees in Boston. Snowing hard at 3 26 Subaru of New England Washington's birthday sales event last all month long. Time for the upside. Welcome to the upside with Jordan a dose of good news because it's a big world out there, you know, for all the stress and turmoil of the last year, and there has been plenty. There have been thousands.

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