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Up and be like, hey, are you where you should be? No. I called up in print pretended to be someone else. Oh, wow. So that's actually a perfect job for an actor. Yeah. That's that's great. Get all the, the dirt on the person. Yeah, that's really see now I might need you. Oh, y'all when they do the prep interview did you ever have any interesting jobs? Private investigator. Dirt juicy Laurie. I don't know. But I mean, I remember when we had a private investigator on those very program, and we were it was so interesting. Most of private investigators are hired for watching if someone's cheating in a marriage or insurance fraud or something. They've got a bad accident. And they've got a bad back and then their roofing or whatever, you know. But that was that member. That was like seemed like that was a lot. But we were still kind of fascinating. The horse. The stakeout stakeout see the phone. The last one because do you know the show Jack horsemen that's kind of a cult favourite and it's a cartoon? Yes. As you're a nice person, but you, you play version of yourself on Bocek horsemen, but on bodak you are yourself, but this version of yourself as a Bank robber, who is in prison. Yes. And that has that is actually caused you some trouble. Yes. My husband, he decided, we had a few hours to kill. They said we'll see if it was on Wikipedia get he went to wake and said, Margo Martindale spent her last year in prison for armed robbery..

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