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They were actually just three points shy of the top half of the table. Brighton. Were they ever really that? Good ever. That's a Mirage. And I wonder if Houston having done that if he almost trick people into thinking that Brighton were were something that they really weren't. You know, like I said they beat Everton near the end of the season. They play they. Lost. Just one nil to Manchester City in an FA Cup semi final. He got them to an FA Cup semifinal a day at Wembley for this club in a game or Tottenham had to win at the new stadium. They did. But Brighton pushed them right to the limit to do it in a game that arsenal had to win at the emerets Brighton actually got a point against them. So there are things you could look at and say, okay like was this really fair. But ultimately here was his problem for March thirtieth able twenty-third they played seven games. They lost six. They drew one. And they did not score a goal and in the one draw which was a nil nil against wolves. Which is good. I don't believe they even registered a shot on target. Now, the belief was that the problem that the owner who has an accident relationship with Chris Houston that the issue was that they had strengthened in terms of attacking players like Yang bash and that still it was on Len Murray shoulders to do the things that need to be doing the front of gold. What Huguenot dome was? Built a brilliant defense with Duncan doll fee. He'd also got a lot out of gross last season. Who did he he had the he had huge amount of assists in goals from midfield that didn't really replicate itself? He was he he suffered from injury this season to a so they fell away a little bit thing was it's not just about the bright and game where you simply combs four, Chris Heaton. The was new castle. Brought them back up. Got them promoted after relegation sacked Norwich. Got them promoted kept them up sacked. And then well, I know they went down. That's not he was sacked put still sacked as Premier League manager for knowledge. And then you add on this, and you feel as if has Kristian being treated fairly. It's a good question. The only thing I could think of is in looking at the way the season kind of ended for them when it seemed like they were clear of relegation, and they drag themselves back into the fight with how poorly they played a style in which they played. Maybe it doesn't feel fair right now. But I think Brighton. I think the board is actually making an attempt to be proactive here. Let's not wait for next season to begin and us to get off to some dreadful start. And now we got to throw in a manager who doesn't have his players. I think they want to just rip off that BanDai now bringing a manager who can make his kind of signings during the summer and really give themselves the best possible chance to start. Well next season. My worry is Andrew that. They wanted more talking football they wanted. I guess they probably saw some some other teams above the move into an you know, look at Crystal Palace. They probably wanted a bit more like a push towards that midtable and hold that midtable ground and not being relegated about and I do understand that because everyone wants to be in the primarily now with the money that's going around. But I would say I don't think he had the squad to do that a really don't even with the additions that they made I it leaves a bad taste my mouth. Well, he will work again. I feel he'll kind of be thrust into that. There's this category of manager like the Alan Pardew. The Mark Hughes's. I think he's better than those. He might be. But I feel like, you know, these managers who just you almost forget like, Tony Pulitzer. You almost forget where they even are, you know, they're managing somewhere. But it's just like they they're on that Mary go round. It'll be somewhat hard dad. Tater twelve mention our friend Alan Pardew in terms of the New England Revolution job. I mean, if we had access on a regular basis to house of pirates that will be amazing that that would be something. I look forward to that happening..

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