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Minsk agreement a wooden wall ahead of ourselves handcuffed amidst good the turns out the parties decide to settle this through a different today his spokesperson heather nauert said the secretary is still committed to the goals of the agreement a ceasefire in an end to russia's support for separatists in eastern ukraine that hasn't changed the only thing that's knew about this is the secretary and i mentioned a minute ago likes results so we the united states has stood by we have watched very little happened with regard to the minsk agreement as petro porsche ankle arrived here in washington the treasury department announced its adding more names to a sanctions list that it says will stay in effect until russia abides by the minsk agreement ambassador piper says that sends a couple of messages mate was a nice seen fitter for puerta schenker's who's for white house but it's also part of an effort to i believe by the white house to persuade the congress that congressionally mandated sanctions are not necessary lawmakers are trying to ramp up sanctions on russia fearing the white house will let up the the pressure on moscow michelle kelemen npr news the state department this is all things considered on wnyc i'm david i with melodramatic headlines and viral content up worthy once enjoyed the unprecedented growth online but when facebook changed its algorithm upward these popularity plummeted now up worthy is ditching the click bait were going to hear more about that coming up next and still ahead in july nineteen 59 jazz pianist and composer thelonious monk did something he had never done before record music for a film the master tapes surfaced in 2016 and monks music from the film has just been released where to hear more about that just ahead huron wnyc wnyc is supported by amazon studios and lionsgate presenting the big sick a romantic comedy for producer john epa town based on a true life courtship and culture clash of comedian kumal nong yanni and grad student emily gordon in.

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