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Well, I mean, this is a team that we gave zero chance we were like, oh, man, they're not going to have Stuey this is going to be tough. And then it was like, oh, they're not going to have sue, never mind like we're not even going to Seattle. We're not even talking about them. But they've got a great group. I mean, you know, Jewell Loyd is still to me, so untapped in terms of her potential. So, you know that balance, but also this selflessness. Like they just they just like, there are no perennial all-star there. No, you know, four time Olympic gold. Medals on this team. There's no four-time college champions on this this team. I mean, these are a bunch of really underdog mentality type players who are working together. They're scrappy, I really liked Seattle in, we're there trending, and yeah. So I'm going with their hot. All right. Then. Well that is hot or not end. We will see this upcoming week whether or not you ladies. All right. So with that, let's move on to the second quarter. Second quarter inside the huddle RI basketball fans, we are inside the huddle, which means we're going in depth. And when I say, we're going in debt, we're going in on one of my favorite players in the WNBA now I'm not just saying this, I know everybody will say, okay, now that she's got, you know, w player of the week a couple of times like you're jumping on. No. If you wind all the way back to the WNBA draft actually know wasn't the draft. I think I made the prediction up. Okay. Okay. You saw it. So anyway, I made it for diction jonquil Jones was going to have an amazing year. Not probably said this every year that she's been in the league. But join us in welcoming to the show. Jonquil Jones of the Connecticut sun. Welcome. Thank you guys. They've had me representing the Bahamas. Now, junk will you have a great story including your journey from the Bahamas? You're always represents a two four two that I get that, right? Okay. Got it. Yes. Obviously you and. Buddy with those numbers, so tell us a little bit about your journey how you started playing basketball, and then kind of how you landed here in the WNBA at the end of that journey. Yeah. So basketball is just always been a huge family. My dad was a high school basketball coach. And I just remember him on coaching and just going out there and watching, you know, do a lot of that stuff. And I just fell in love of the game from, you know, from that standpoint my cousins, all played my grandmother, had a basketball court in our backyard, and my dad and my uncle Bill and, you know, so we would all go down to my grandmother's house, and play basketball all day, all night, I left the Bahamas in the ninth grade. And I moved over to Maryland. And I went there to high school factors and was there till I decided to go to college went to W and you know here in the league. So I definitely had to make a lot of sacrifices to get. Why and have a lot of people that were, you know, still a lot of great things that allow me to be Ryan today before I pass this on the death because I know she's got a question for you. This is just random, right? So I know I think. You're transfers situation was a coaching change. Right. Because you came, you went to Clemson and then transferred to GW, right? Yeah. Yeah. So, like, you know, college women's basketball is having all these transfers, like right now. And I know again, your situation just tell us about like that process of leaving school..

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