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The. Ad Council some rainfall records go down I'm Beth Myers the, end the NewsRadio, one thousand and t. okay new center well yesterday severe weather shattered a couple of, rainfall records in Oklahoma. City at will Rogers world airport the official daily rainfall measurement was five point oh six inches and that broke the previous record of one. Point nine inches back in nineteen Eighty-nine it also becomes the highest Oklahoma City rainfall amount for any calendar day in August that's according to the national weather service in Norman stocks are taking a hit on Wall Street today amid investor worries about Turkey's financial trouble and declines in Macy's Shares, the Dow was down more than. Two hundred points in after noon trading the NASDAQ and s&p five hundred were off one percent. Macy shares dropped about fourteen. Percent as the company struggles, to improve sales the chairman of the, Oklahoma district. Attorneys, council, is predicting that the number of drunk driving cases in Oklahoma will double after the state. Implements medical marijuana it's what Brian Hermansen told, lawmakers today during. Another meeting of the medical marijuana working group at the state capital we'll see more. People smoking in vehicle smoking perhaps at work or other places and therefore leaving and, going home at the end of the day or believe he had a concert and driving somewhere and. Because of the the nature of the acceptance of medical marijuana That there may that we will. See more of that is the district attorney for, Kay and noble, counties a measles outbreak being, monitored by the centers for disease. Control and prevention now spreads across twenty one states. Including Oklahoma so far this year there have been one hundred seven. Cases reported most people who are not vaccinated there. Were one hundred eighteen cases reported in the US for all of last year authorities. Have now confirmed the identity of the woman whose body was found early Tuesday after a house fire in Sepulchre the body of sixty two year old. Joyce Winslow was found in a bedroom and there was a Walker near her bed the cause of the fire. Remains under investigation and two weeks after cancelling, the town's fall parade because of, safety concerns town leaders in Koita have now reverse their decision the September fifteenth fall parade is back on although the route has been changed local residents didn't like the decision to cancel The, parade, a, local, business donated barricades to help secure the parade route the state of Oklahoma has a huge backlog of untested rape kits, and the cost of processing all those kits could be as high as. Twelve, million dollars but state Representative Monroe Nichols Tulsa says it is, important work six crimes against anybody six from jets Lebanon's up that we need. To without question be focused on there's a lot of other states allow for the. Models and so I think it's high time the Oklahoma joined the club of of Sates at making big steps to, to protect folks from been victims of. Sexual assault rape he requested an interim, study that was held at the state capital. Yesterday the re suspects have now been formerly charged with first degree murder in a Holden Ville shooting at happened on. June twenty-fourth outside Pruitt's grocery store in Holden Vale, thirty six year, old man was shot and, killed Hughes county prosecutors yesterday filed. Charges against Tyler daring water Tyler grand staff And Caleb hodgin from.

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