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I think for our sport, it's just I'd say it's almost neutral and sometimes can be negative if they're people are putting too much money into it. I also do think it can be positive if you know the right stories come out about it and create creativity and personalities come out of it. So I mean, I'll be watching for sure, and I'll be interested. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's a little weird to me. And I think the competition side of park and pipe is really, I think the indie projects, the small things that are coming out like things like the bunch, like those are those are blowing up right now. But there's almost there's limited interest, I guess in the actual competition scene because and I think there's a few different reasons for it. But Olympic competition for freestyle and especially pipe is not what it used to be. Watching it when Tanner was in it or Simon was in it. It was a totally different thing than it is now. And I just think we're in a different place. But in that same go ahead. I always think about the origin stories that individuals tell about their obsession with the sport or their dive into it. And generally it starts with some sort of media. It doesn't start with like I watched an event. It generally starts with I watched this one movie, whether it was like back in the day a Warren Miller movie or reading powder magazine or something like that. And then they're like, that's why I moved west, or that's why I did bought my first pair of skis or something. And so I look at like, I even look at my origin story when it comes to rock climbing. I knew about rock climbing. It was right in my backyard for a long time. You'd see competitions. I would know have no idea what's going on with that. And it wasn't until I watched the movie valley uprising, which was an amazing film that I was like, wow, this community, the stories, all this thing about it is amazing. I kind of want to get into rock climbing. And, you know, I remember my mom even watching she was like, that movie was absolutely amazing. She was like, more fascinated by Yosemite and rock climbing in general. She doesn't do that, but, you know, I look at the drivers of passion to be more about storytelling and more about individual personalities, you know, telling their stories, then competition. Competition to me is just kind of entertainment. And you're like, oh, that was cool. But I mean, how many sports have you watched outside of skiing and been like, watched a competition? You're like, cool, and I want to go surfing because I watched the WSL event. Yeah, it's a good point. And that's what my next question was was like, okay, we have the free ride world tour, right? It's a little more free. You've got some of the bigger stars in skiing that are starting to kind of make appearances there. But one, I feel like it's marketed fucking terribly. And two, I just, I don't know that people give a shit about it, even though they really could give a shit about it, right? They have ways to go see their favorite skiers. Ski huge lines already. Do they need to do it in a competition scene? Sometimes it's really cool. Sometimes it's really not cool..

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