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Snow denied along Denver, Fort Collins Greeley, all getting 3 to 7 inches of snow twice as much of the high country Denver will drop 2 29 degrees overnight. 42 tomorrow 55 on Thursday. It's 36 degrees in the rain in Denver. Some of us are going to get to see Tom Brady. I'm thrilled to announce today that the Denver Broncos game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 27th. Will allow a limited number of fans to attack Governor Pola, saying the state will allow 5700 fans to go to empower field at mile high. That's about 7.5% of the stadium's capacity. Britney Bull and with the Broncos spells out how it will work, in addition to mask and social distancing requirements. Seating will be done in small pods. And sections will be broken into groups. There will be 175 people in those groups season ticket holders are being offered the tickets, you'll be seeing less of Broncos head coach Vic Fangio on the sidelines more than £30 less. He talked about his trimmer physique with Kay Always. Logan and Louis today tried to cut down on the cards, which Didn't help my pasta and take that down on the sweets and I worked out some more. Coach Fangio. Ifyou're a Kaiser Permanente member. Getting a flu shot this month is pretty easy. You Khun do it at a drive up site members were protected and our staff are protected and it's very convenient. They just drive up, get their flu shots and they're on their way. Dr Amy Duck, Roe tells Kayo Way news radio. You have to make an appointment to take advantage of those drive up flu shots. Forest fan has died. Who's that? Well, he's the Santa Fe art dealer and author who hid that treasure chest. Some died trying to find it was located in Wyoming In July, Fen was 90 on Wall Street. Major indexes down 2 to 4%. Today, the Dow lost 6 30 to the NASDAQ gave up 4 65. The S and P 500 lost 95 in sports. You athletics partnering with points bet for a five year sponsorship deal. It's the first exclusive.

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