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You know drastic remedies to because all my god black man's in the white house so now we're getting our turn at set our hair on fire and freaking out i don't wanna set my hair on fire and freak out i want us to learn what we did wrong i want us to learn how we got ourselves into the situation and then i want us to do better i'd like us to atone i'd like us to redeem ourselves i'd like us to sharpen our minds and go hashtag win the future win the future i'm really i wanna leave the acrimony and the bitterness and the tearing each other limb from limb aside and so you know we can win this nation back with the democratic process es and incidentally you know the private prisons i looked this up private prisons or eight percent eight single digits ninety two percent of the prisons public prisons but i grant you that the eight percent is still very expensive however in the immigration area that they they may be a big portion of that but allow me to recommend a movie right along as lines brubaker robert redford i back when he was really handsome and early seventies robert redford in his heyday he played a warden a warden and a penitentiary down in the deep south and it was a public prison was both prison but it was being run as a private enterprise so it doesn't have to be a private prison to be run corruptly and if you wanna see the movie brubaker with robert redford back when he was young and young anyway they go brubaker and eat the heck of a job and you know that was based on a true story by the way so anyway one triple eight.

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