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Alternate route is now in place. And that is not the only traffic issue. You will deal with whether wise chains are now required for all vehicles except those with four wheel drive on the 1 68, starting at Pine Ridge and on the 41 chains are required beginning three miles north, of course, gold in Madera County. We'll talk more weather here in just a second. Meantime, the White House, adding an event of President Biden schedule today. President Biden delivers remarks this afternoon that the White House says will focus on containing the covert 19 pandemic. The president on Monday said he's hopeful that any American who wants to get a coded vaccine can do so within a couple of months, I think will be this spring. I think we'll be able to do that to spring, but governors across the nation are expressing frustration with the vaccine supply. Saying they can't keep up with the demand right now, President Biden said Monday. The U. S has quote gotten commitments from vaccine producers to produce more in a short period of time, but the president gave no further details. Karen Travers, ABC News president, Biden also said to announce a wide ranging moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands. As his administration continues to reverse Trump administration policies on energy and the environment and attempt to address climate change. This move follows a 60 day suspension of new drilling permits for US lands and waters. That was announced last week. All right back to whether once the skies above the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada Open up significant amounts of rain and snow are expected to fall across our region here, his hand for National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Durfee talking about the impact.

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