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Okay, everybody. Thanks for hanging out with us. People are driving real sold seeking are like thirty minutes to go. One minutes. I got a call from a woman. She was two hours into her drive start at least a half hour to go. Yeah. No. Just. So I mean, how underneath Matt Bellinger from Kisii peas like walk like penguin today. You know, arms out in your feet out to the side, your balance, keep your balance, I know people they the paper had a series about all the emergency room visits for falls break. Broken ribs. All these. I know my mom she's not allowed to go anywhere today. No. I said you can't go into mom. I can't handle it. No. Well, it's don't wanna be old. It's just bad news bears. So but anyone can fall. I mean, people were just slipping and sliding all over the place. So yeah, it's it's really a drag. We feel we everybody. Okay. So Danny posted the weirdest freeloader ever seen. It's the haunting of sharing the fiery def. Yeah. Margot Robbie is not the only actress Sharon Tate, a movie, we got our first lady Hillary devastate in the scary movie called the haunting. I've Sharon Tate. Where the actress becomes plagued by visions of her own imminent death. So and according to cheer sister, Debra Tate. This is a complete made up story is she said, it's total fabrication classless explosive. It's just tasteless everyone is pushing to do something to release because it's the fiftieth anniversary of the killings. Why would anyone want to see this? Why would why wouldn't they just make it be? I don't know. I don't get it like something that might be on lifetime. Maybe come on. You say you can't see because Lori. We are supporting that network. But again, they make total fabrications of what this is Hillary Duff playing. Sharon Tate, having a premonition that she's going to get killed sprayed-on. This is according to everybody it really looks terrible. Dining it does. We got a great news from the Minnesota state fair today. Lionel Richie is going to be performing on the last weekend. Friday night, the thirtieth August thirty August thirtieth. And Brandi Carlile is going to be performing and Saturday. That's the music and a stick dance Saturday, August thirty first so that's Labor Day weekend. Brandy Carlyle will sell out not New York minute. Those tickets both line on brand go on sale. This friday. AM? So you on tickets, you gotta get ready to get on that she's up for a Grammy. No. I know. Everyone loves her. Yeah. I've never seen him perform key Seton. I had tickets go see her. I wasn't able to go for some reason, maybe a radio thing, and you took your. Really? Yeah. And they both have been like devote at zoo they've been devoted. Yes. Okay. I told you so fee was gonna do remember we Hollywood spoke her instead, she's like in her last five posts were jeans. I said she's coming out with the gene line shoes there at WalMart. People. Come out priced two hundred items. Named after VERA and the women in her family. So there's the Margarita there's the Veronica the Rosada. Sangria? I think it's sweep the live is adorable and very size inclusive people. So it's been very Gareth. And it's on sale as of yesterday. It's an and I think I read something that modern family is gonna end next year. Did they? Eleven okay. Party of five is getting a reboot. Form a ten episode order nine hundred zero I mean, both the yeah. Yeah. What's her name? Tori, spelling was on access Hollywood. They're all in. Well, Tori wants to Tories probably leading the way because she needs to pay off some credit card debt booted from the mass singer. Did you feel at all out of it that you're not watching that and everybody else's because I'm I'm I'm okay with that. I really know. Really, okay. With all that. Now, I wonder L chapels daughter now have you guys been following that? Yes. I have been I've been reading every day in the new York Daily News. I kind of it's fascinating. Yeah. It's fascinating starters going to launch a fashion line. And we wish her well, the El Chapo, seven oh one. I'm not going to buy anything. Why would you name it that? Future. Good. She's trademarked the name, and she's got all the social media trademarks, and it's going to include all manner of clothing forms from jeans to tailored suiting bulls. Liquor jewelry, footwear and paper goods. Oh my gosh. A living legend with a revolutionary at essence is I won't buy that don't support that. He was a bad. Do you know, we have one, you know, that one of our private eye detectives out there in radio land, let us know that you know, every couple of years somebody comes out with a new nipple enhancer. Was there a new one? Oh, yeah. There's a new one. There's. It's kind of like a. Like, they took the pedal cover, and then they put like a Pearl in the middle of it. It's not a very good nipple. We have nipples. Yes. They're actually give me money for shipping. It's twenty five now. And just like they did when our nipples came out if you wanna poke somebody's is out of this lady it's called just snaps and she says her sick on our two sizes freezing and cold and the PC's have a Pearl at the end there so bad. Julia. They don't even look now. Ours are tagline w to stand out as men love them women MVM it was before the metoo movement. I'm sorry. This is in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine to be exact, well, if you're bored, you can go to model land, the new I'm trying to understand what supermodel theme park are we ever going to get home? I will get home. It'll might take me. It'll take me double the time to get so fourteen minutes. No. But I mean, people get off three way and get on the side. I'm going to start writing tonight. I'm going to start writing her book. Are you here? Is it just massive gridlock everywhere? Basically, I'm gonna hang around for a while. You are. Yeah. Holly still. Grow up. May come to your house. Yeah. Come on over. Joy to see you. Is it still that bad? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's it's just like why bother lock out there. Epic proportion biblical biblical. Wow. Like, the traffic human centipede. I would love that. He would appreciate that. Good lord. Are I tell you something that I loved it happened on dynasty the episode from like two weeks ago, the hanger? Watch it when they went ski trip valley made. Rocking. Wasn't that? Good. I started watching just picked a place to start because I just want in on the ghoulish. I mean, they are fantastic. Love their outfits in some valley. Nncholas Sheridan is every she wasn't a lot in this. But that is just like a great soapy show on the CW. I'm telling you the ws just giving it to us. Between Riverdale we have. Here's what you can do when you say in tonight. And here's what you can do when you saying tomorrow night and watch TV, and here's what you can do in the next time, we go, you know, I mean who wants to go out tonight. Not I mean tonight, you're cursing, the fact that you are going it's gonna take you however long to get there. I really hope it doesn't sound like this tomorrow night when this girl has to go bowling. Taking.

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