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About you Mr President? When that didn't work they started comparing baseball to Roosevelt Square deal? You know what's more fair than a batter facing a pitcher you know. It doesn't matter your circumstances in life. It's a real fair transaction and this continues you know nineteen to one two two three four but then Roosevelt wins reelection and baseball really kind of ups the ante at that point. It was nineteen zero five ban. Johnson was the president of the American American League he gets a meeting with President Roosevelt And this is not that unusual Roosevelt. was you know pretty open door especially compared to the White House today. He was interested in hearing from leaders. There's of different sorts and so bad Johnson comes to the White House. He has a meeting with Roosevelt and he explains to the president. You know why why. The national pastime is something that that the president should be a part of and this is where baseball gets the first hint that the president's absence from Baseball Games might not have been an accident. Roosevelt does mention that baseball's always been a struggle for him personally and he mentioned that he was not good baseball as a kid. And really what this boils down to. I think his Roosevelt has really poor eyesight. He gets glasses in his early teen years. And that certainly helps. But Roosevelt can't see very well and of all sports I mean. Visual Acuity is key to baseball right still. The president of the American League and the President of the free world have by all accounts. A pleasant conversation and as things are wrapping up Ban Johnson Presents President Roosevelt with a golden ticket. kind of sounds like Willy Wonka right. I mean it's very intricate. It's got golden lace. This kind of emboss. Very fancy very ornate very serious baseball very serious about itself through much of its history so they give it to Roosevelt and basically what Ben Johnson says says is that this ticket allows him entry into the senators ballpark or any other American League ballpark. Come anytime you want. Bring any number of friends. Listen.

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