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Can you translate that? If it's globalism versus nationalism on it speaks to a certain portion of the the president's face, but they're speaking in very broad. Terms of this is you know someone who a certain faction of the Republican Party would say is a nationalist versus globalism. Well, I mean, a good and hearkens back to what? Steve Bannon. I guess this was talking about months ago, the National Union Party as well. How would you presume the Democrats will respond? To those tones. Those illusions that were heard last night. You know, I put that question yesterday to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She is a Democrat Room represents congressional District in Houston on when she's and she's a member, and she's actually the chairwoman of the subcommittee on cyber intelligence on the and the deputy whip of the Democratic Caucus. On what she said was that it's this issue of Western alliances. Restoring Western alliances versus a go it alone approach. She consistently said that Biden administration would favor favor You are by our multilateral multilateral conversations, not just on the economy and on foreign policy versus a unilateral approach from president. I mean, since you say that, Kevin I've heard this from a number of people is the great foreign policy distinction. Is a multilateral or bilateralism versus what we've seen from President Trump. Will Secretary Pompeo underscore that today in his speech. I think what he's actually going to make the case on is on Israel, the president's support for Israel and on taking a tougher stance against the Communist Party in China, But I also think he's there is there. They pushed back on the notion that they haven't been able to get allies onboard in areas of agreement, if you like, for example, on a clean building a five G network That moves away from China internationally, David point that they've been able to have success on that front. He's the bodyguard of Bloomberg Surveillance. Kevin's really with us our chief Washington Coast, But Kevin Good, Good luck at night. Two of the Republican National Convention, ELISA, I find absolutely fascinating. How far we have come from any memories. I was talking to David West, in about 2000 for Peter Jennings, last convention at ABC. And all the emotion there, really the Kennedys almost retiring with Ted Kennedy. It's amazing where we've come. And in eight years, 12 years, you know, 16 years. This is a unique moment on many levels not only because of the Corona virus but definitely in a shift in the American spirit in certain ways, but also the resilience. I will say the backdrop to me. What Kevin was talking about with foreign policy is very interesting. Mike Pompeo going to be speaking later at the same time that we're getting news. The U. S. And China seemed to be more on the same page with a trade agreement than previously expected. You seem skeptical. At the same time, it seems to be a dampening of some of the tensions that were ratcheting up a couple weeks ago Fairy and I will say is we set of the opening of the hour and the simulcast. We've certainly seen it in the markets. The huge distinction today, folks. Is a bond market with stock market in correlated Link Equity futures up 12 right now down Futures up 1, 77 and yields or higher 30 Year bond out for basis points. 10 Year Yield of three bases points as well. David Western Tonight the RNC convention. 10 PM Coming up. Mark McCormick will join US or Toronto Dominion Bank. We're thrilled to have him on on foreign exchange. Part of that is a weaker Turkish lira today, maybe.

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