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By MCU. It's Friday, December 16th and one 28 in the morning on double field. I'd be good whether on the 8s. Good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center. Below their dino, the weather's taking its toll on another crash, now in Maryland, southbound two 70, Maine travel lanes are blocked I think everyone is being shoved over into the local lanes to get around crash activity through Gaithersburg after I three 70 again, following police direction, main travel lanes should be blocked, I believe, again, absent any decent reliable cameras through here, but I believe that everything is being sent into the local lanes on two 70 south on northbound or should not be effective at people coming from Montgomery village are going to approach this at speed don't do that anyway, but even more so back off that speed after exit 11 as you approach that overpass it carries I three 70 over the top of my two 70, the continuing crash clean up on 97 southbound through millerville, near new cut road over on the left shoulder. They are mainly to be seen in Virginia on the capitol beltway, the outer loop crash cleanup continues on the ramp to route 7 exit 47 had went slide off the ramp, this apparently a little more complicated than first imagined, and that ramp is still blocked. On the Virginia bellway, otherwise the beltway between McLean and Alexandria is issue free. Ian Crawford traffic We've got some cold air, and it's going to be making its way in across our area, but not on our Friday, starting off on a pretty good note here, but some wet roads give yourself

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