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Ultimately it was resolved to everyone's everyone's satisfaction and to the benefit of John's bank account to Jeremy. You get the tapes mission. Accomplished you bring them back to Bristol. No one has seen the footage for forty years. What does it show well? This was not a highly sophisticated operation. Good evening to you. Everyone from from Jake's field in Lannon Wisconsin. I'm Joe Boyle along with former New York Yankee Star. John Blanchard set to bring you all of the action of tonight's American Slow Pitch Professional Softball League League world series. This was not a place where they should have been showing a nighttime softball game. I mean they brought in lights at the last minute. They barely did the job. It's basically basically a municipal park softball field in the Milwaukee suburbs with no real stands. No real lights. There's nothing professional shnell looking about it except the players who were awesome softball players but it looks like what you might expect on the first night in the first hour of the history of startup. TV network the game itself a clash of the titans. The Milwaukee Schlitz. Yes the Kentucky bourbons. Were these two teams big rivals. These teams hated each other. That's completely genuine talking to these guys even forty years later it. It was clear that they really did not like each other at all on a personal level. It wasn't just friendly rivalry. They resented each other. My a sense was I'm a Schlitz Guy. I was always Schlitz Fan. In this rivalry. The schlitz were the working class. Milwaukee I mean what softball supposed to be about right. It's guys who did this. Because of their love of the sport because represented an opportunity to go have some beers with their buddies and it was about beer a a softball demeaned. Frankly I know the guys who doesn't mix the same weights just something else. These guys kind of fashion themselves as kind of blue grass bourbon royalty like they were the real kings of softball and the Schlitz guys were some kind of pretenders. This was the slow pitch softball world series. How seriously the big ticket? Oh these guys. This is deadly serious. So The star of the Kentucky Bourbons kind of their Babe Ruth. They're they're big personality. Was this Guy Bill Guy and he was one of the big studs in the sport at the time on a national level and this sport meant so much to him. This rivalry meant so much to this championship meant so much. He approached this with true seriousness and commitment to extent that surprised us. I took the game seriously. I prepared myself. I get the right kind of sleep. My wife she'd be beating my chest. One WanNa have sex and I've got to play ball. I gotta play ball later today. That's how intense I was. This was professional right. It's in the title of the series. This was professional. These guys were getting paid big money for the time they took. I wouldn't say inordinate I would say an ordinate amount of pride in this these guys their lives revolved revolved around softball. And this rivalry and the fact. That was a national television albeit available in about twenty thousand homes or thirty thousand homes that first tonight I think raised the stakes for everyone involved. Milwaukee is about to take the field rick reader men who was to the Schlitz what Bill Godley was to the Bourbon. He was one of their best hitters. He was their star Star. Pitcher in Rick Witter goes down in history. I mean maybe maybe this is in quite the equivalent of Roger Bannister. Something like that run in the first four minute mile but he does go down in history. Rick Liederman Rick you personally occupy a very special place in television history for underway with the first pitch to the game. It's a called strike your first pitch in game. One is the first athletic thing anyone ever did on on. ESPN that way I go. Wow look what I started i. Athletics thing is a AH excellent qualifier. I'll put that on a plaque. So what happened in the Game Kentucky. Bourbons won the first game ever on. ESPN this first. Event the Milwaukee Schlitz lost but the bourbons go down in history. GotTa give them credit. They won the first event in the history of Espn always have that but then went on to lose the rest of the series tries to go up the middle white. Herman cut set off throws to first for the out. Lock throw to third day would like not out of their brittle diabetic right now. Very happy thought ball players they had won the world champion of the American Professional Slow Pitch Softball League as a guy. I'm sure you're thrilled as Schlitz guy. I take inordinate pride so ultimately intimately whatever happened to the tape they get it back in the library. The tapes were restored to their rightful place in the veto videotape library. North Campus Bristol Connecticut. And for me I frankly it was an emotional moment but it was really. I think Ken Boudreau. Oh our library for him. It was the culmination the crowning achievement of his career really. I know I'm being a little facetious here at over the top but I think genuinely admits up to the network to get him back because we do care about our history and we celebrate our history at ESPN. This is a are kind of declaration of independence are Magna Carta. What what else? What else can I throw out there? it's big Thanks Jeremy I'll see you in the reliquary. Thank you mean. That's the only story story I want you to know today but we do have a postscript. Ken Boudreau the so called Emperor. The library retired in December after forty years in charge of ESPN's ends Videotape Archive. I mean it comes this has espn daily and that's it for twenty nineteen. I'll talk to you next year Ah..

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