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If michael bennett is guilty of such a thing let me be the first to say good riddance i think the eagles should cut him and be done with him and that the police you look forward to lock them up behind balls whether it's the thirty days a year or whatever the case may be because it does call for ten year prison term and a ten thousand dollar fine which we all know is bogus because of ten years is really what you were going to give it the foul will be more than ten thousand dollars we're not fools here and we all know just in case i shouldn't say we all know most people who pay attention to the law no that is about as difficult to get an indictment from a grand jury as it has a box of cookies as not hold it's not hold you can get indicted for anything because an indictment means you're going to be officially charged and as a result your case can be heard by a jury that's what that means it doesn't mean guilt if i know that doesn't the chief of police in houston noda but yet fourteen months after this incident allegedly took place you go in front of the cameras under the microscope of national television at least the lens that ultimately it would be disseminated to and you paint this black man as somebody who would intentionally target and do hong to a sixty six year old paraplegic you see ladies and gentlemen these at a moments where you should get your backup.

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