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According to ucla had coach steve alford the three players play friday night against george attack warm this story tonight on the six also on the six landreau's older brother lonzo isn't loss to take on the celtics doors burgled me live from the car to preview lonza versus kyran celtic let paul pierce ways in on the biggest obstacle plus mike engine now react to the latest college football player rankings sports ira six on espn at six pm eastern until i need a thank you much more at stake here than playing time landreau ball could be in some serious trouble as standard practice as are applied ball and me to other ucla basketball players arrested tuesday in china under suspicion of shoplifting face between three and ten years in prison if convicted according to chinese lawyers who briefed yahoo sports well i'll start with you how big of a deal is this for the ball family well i think he's you just laid out when it comes to the potential punishment for lee angelo in other ucla players it's a big deal i mean we spent a lot of time talking about guys concepts like due process in the fair application of laws when it comes to the nfl cba or even the united states of america let me just explain you something these are uniquely american ideas yeah there are some other countries out there in the world the put value on the ideas like due process but let me be clear china's not one of them so win the potential punishment if convicted is three to ten years.

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