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Three. A nonprofit organization that is a coalition of church aggregations of different denominations worker association, schools and profit groups that come together out of beach sense of mission and concern for the pressures. Faced by families in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. So so what we do this in order to better understand those pressures. We meet with our own members. We talk about the experiences of the families in our community and our congregations in our schools, and we have some real conversations about the real experiences, and we do this without a any type of ideological shouting matches. So we actually develop the leadership skills of our own members out to be more effective in the work that they do. And which is just being engaged in the democratic process would civic leaders and public officials on any issues that concern about family. So that that's one of the things that leads us to being able to do this accountability session. That's coming up on on the thirtieth. And of course, the voice action fine. It's the five oh one C four arm, which that's what allows us to do our political works. We're really excited about about this accountability session. That's coming up next weekend. So in your introduction. Josh I mentioned that you are with a Baptist denomination and a coal. I mentioned that you are with the church of Christ denomination. How did you all ever get together? Yeah. That's a great question. So Mayflower is actually a congregational church. And you know, voice has really just given us the tool to come together and advocate for the needs of the community. So as the leaders and members of the community are dropped to really advocate for social Justice. It's really understand our community and hold those in power accountable. You know, we really get a chance as members of voice to really lift up the stories of our neighbors. And really ask for a commitment from those who wish to be in power to advocate for those needs. How old is voice either one of you can answer that he wanted to try Josh. I believe I know I've been involved with voice for for over over four to five years. I think it's been about that long. It's not a little longer voice has been going strong for very long time. And was there a particular of thing that happened that inspired? I'll say like minded people, but not necessarily like partisan like religion, like whatever. But like minded in that you appreciate a good discussion. Was there a precipitating event that made this group come together? Well, I think that, you know, the reality is that, you know. Of course, I'm I'm a member of a a predominantly African American church on the northeast side of Oklahoma City. And what we find is regardless if you're on CD's has made if you're Nichols heels. If you're in force park, if you're if you're in Capitol Hill wherever you are there. There are issues that plague every family in every single one of those community. So that the issues that that voice are really kind of what our art Brodsky is if you will is economic Justice its education, and it's restored Justice. So that's really where we hang our hat, and where we put a lot of our energy and. Working to advocate for our family is you know, not too long ago. OGSM was before the the corporation commission of outraging feeds voiceless right there, and every single one of those public hearings advocating against that the restorative Justice relative to all these prison fees, when even when you're released from jail, you have to continue to pay fees, and and is just a bargain to you relative to you trying to make a better life with yourself, of course, education. And of course, we're all concerned about education. For for both. Myself, and we both have have children young children. So we definitely concerned about, you know, our kids feature not even only our kids, but all feature relative to education. So that's where Ripa voice, that's where we hang our hats relatives are our efforts in what we do to really advocate, essentially advocacy for the voiceless. That's what it's all about in. Social Justice advocating for people who may not be able to even advocate for themselves. Nicole how large of an organization is voice. So I believe we are roughly about twenty five different congregations workers sociation schools, a nonprofit groups that have come together. And so would you guess like a thousand people perhaps? He may have a better number. Know, it's it's not that important that I I'm reading Facebook post and one of the Facebook things I'm reading it to his being one of our one thousand persons strong accountability session. And I thought oh, I bet they have a thousand members. So I may have made a jump there. Right. Well of our congregations, and are groups that have come together we do expect a thousand plus people to attend. And I know that the word is spreading to those who may not have heard voice before to really come to the session to hold our potential leaders accountable. Part of the session is going to be focusing on education. Like Josh had mentioned, you know, the funding is still not there to restore cuts that were made to the classrooms were still facing outdated books lack of materials overcrowded, classrooms missed planning periods. But at the same time, we don't want education funding at the expense of our other social service programs. So, you know, we're going to be a thousand plus strong here to really hold our potential leaders accountable and get those commitments to these issues. That's incredible. Okay. So what Saint John missionary Baptist church? Where is that? Say giant missionary Baptist church is is off of north Kelly schist. South of I forty four. Oh, so just Martha by forty four sixty third and and more Kelly. Saint giant is just south of I forty four on on on north Kellyanne avenue right through your light here in Oklahoma City. And how challenging was it. I'm fact, I may have to ask this question. And then take a break and let you think about the answer. But how challenging was it to get? The gubernatorial candidates.

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