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So far the hospital now in the process of testing all patients for Cove, it Thie infection control team. It feels the outbreak has been traced to too impatient units. No definitive source, though off the outbreak has been Unified just yet. The former superintendent of the Holyoke soldiers home and his medical director, are now facing criminal charges after dozens of veterans and their care died. Of covert 19. We get more details from W bzzz, Karen Regal in case there's a victim. In this case there were ultimately 76 Attorney general Maura Healey says A grand jury is indicting former Holyoke soldiers home had been at Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton on 10 counts each of criminal neglect where the ultimate decision makers they were ultimately responsible for the deadly decision to consolidate these two units. General Haley says she believes the first prosecutions in the country to come from a covert 19 outbreak in a nursing home. Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's news radio, the Suffolk Downs racetrack. And he's Boston being replaced by a massive development project, which is expected to take about 20 years to complete office space for 25,000 workers, 10,000 apartments and condos. Thie $8 billion redevelopment approved yesterday by the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Questions and concerns being raised about the way a Department of Justice investigation and to Dumpster trash ballots and Pennsylvania was handled. The loser in a county manager said a temporary independent contractor who was assigned to sort mail of the elections bureau incorrectly discarded nine ballots into the office Trash, adding that Luzerne County election staff were unaware for whom the ballots were cast. Until that information was revealed in a press release by the U. S attorney here is more from ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Nine ballots. What was notable is that the Department of Justice came out.

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