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Oh my God. I don't know. I I just was struck with a glee that I haven't felt since childhood. That's amazing. That's beautiful. I love that to watch that video. It was so good and true. I mean, he did. But also, I loved it. He's just like this. I don't know. I don't love it. Actually, it's terrible. But a bright this man who is like gotten so rich off of exploiting. Women credited women who are very willing to be exploited. It was a give and take situation. Right. And then it was like, they know it too. They know yet you got to kiss the ring. Yeah. They know exactly. They know where their bread's buttered. They know what they need to do. So you have to put on the bandaged dress. You have to go to the a star is born themed baby shower for Andy Cohen, you have to dance table of arena asks you to dance table. You must also notably. I feel like more notable. Maybe was the people missing about any Frankel interesting. No countess. And then he reposted a mean that was like the face when you see that Bethany and Luan weren't at the at the thing. Yeah. It was just something about like her missing it interest, and like alluding to something shady, but then her caption was just like sorry to have missed it, Andy, which doesn't tell us anything. No. That's just. That's just confusing messaging. She doesn't said she was like, I'm rehearsing for my cavalry. You are ma'am. Okay. Not. There is not enough rehearsal in the world to I also just don't think it'd be a healthy environment for her. So doesn't sound like it. No. If again, if Lisa arenas screaming at a bunch of middle aged women to dance a table because Andy Cohen paid for their lives. You'll also just wild to see all of them in one place. That sounds that sounds the most fucked up that sounds like some sort of like horrible hall of mirrors like Disneyland. Like, if Bravo had a theme park that called sir sore if sir how to back room that was just a corral, just like whoever they could find at that time to just go there, and you could go there and party with them that seems a fun for about three minutes before your ears. Your brain starts leak out of yours. And you'd have to say goodbye to my brain liquefied. I would feel very nervous in there. I would drink one drink very quickly. I'm be like, I must go, and I would leave. There was also an incredible picture of Andy with all of the housewives the only other guy in the fixtures. John mayer. Also, it should be. It was. That's nice. So I can't wait for the world to meet Andy Cohen, baby. Boy, I'm sure we'll hear all about it. I hope that Andy does not do a photo shoot. Like pres- Hilton did with his first baby is successful insane. That press Hilton photo shoot has been burned in my brain for since I saw it for the first time. It's if people don't know what he's talking about. It's of press Hilton in the bath nude daughter. Yes. I think he's a little shorts. You might be wearing a small brief actually thing. But you my best. I think the best thing about that picture is that his invis-? Align studs are very of. Someone who suffered three those stunts myself. I also the one thing that always strikes me about presented that he looks like Peter. He looks like Peter had a child with Ron Perlman. No my fuck. Oh guide. Oh, may Peter, which is way more handsome. That's true. But I always got a pita. I just like in passing. It's like how I think that Samantha Markle looks like Kim control. I think that's different interesting. Offering just provided the thick. I'm so sorry. Peter England, two comparison today have in my brain. I'm just presenting them to you now. Sorry Tyrian to true that I've learned that. Okay. So yeah. Good for them. Great for everyone. You know, what it's a party? I would like to go to a party Mike and whatnot that are that nine when you're sending out invitations to not have to size anyone or the next one. This last item on the list is can be briefed. Because I don't want to spend too much time thinking about their relationship. But people magazine would love it. If I thought about Chris Pratt and Catherine Schwarzenegger's relationship like all the time. I don't like those weird Cherchi song people..

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