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Shield right now partly cloudy skies it's warming up seventy seven at Orlando severe weather station take such purity troubled team at traffic we got a red alert let's go to our helicopter and wanted to crown story the four twenty nine go you've got to right after that thank the turnpike you those two right lanes on the board twenty nine four twenty nine is it really bad directions like twenty five minutes thirty five one is there one still got that red alert on the four seventeen south bound at the university full plus with the left expressly blocked delays back to four thirty four for fifty minutes five zero so you can take for thirty four as your alternate their high for Westminster lotus leaf blower to four thirty six twenty seven minutes nineteen minutes thanks to colonial drive it so that's what it's west bound for four seventy two all the way to just after jerks into earlier crash before he's been on US twenty seven five thirty two fifteen minutes ten minutes ocular perfeita five thirty five twenty two minutes turnpike to Emelia honesty integrity and wanted to percent satisfaction protek air conditioning plumbing services online a protek AC dot com they have a service technician area with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're hoping to get to work on time I'm at Torrance news ninety six point five W. D. B. R. the three things you need to three and.

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