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Gerin Bartell Clements is here. She's an artist and her work showing these right now called warrior women towards project. Intil the twenty first of all April get up CCA CCA as pick krill right below the children's museum and the tank Marne, wonderful place one place and great great theater film and in great artistic shows with a really nice sculptor garden as well. All right here new wanted to, you know, I, you know, tell us a little bit about how the decorations came about. And you also want to read one of the story. Right. All right. Right. And then let sterling tells about CCA fantastic. Right. Well, let's say like I was explaining earlier it's plaster wrap with the rivets, and it hardens on the woman. I do the front end the back. Each woman is different their heights on the actual stands are different. The stands are paying black all the heights of the the women, and I've taken I sewed for quite a number of years like, you know, a longtime, and so I've actually one of the processes on the torso is using a sewing patterns and using them of you know, on as a background almost on the torso. And someone patterns really have like a double meaning. And they're also reminiscent of the patterns that we create in our own life right about a sewing pattern in years all over the house. Yeah. And so, you know, I use this as part of the. Oh design on there and also various late layers of paint. I've kept of the metallic paint a golden silver. Also of I alive them were arbitrarily put together with the collage work of my own design. But also some women have actually brought in pieces of collage that were very born them important, correct? One gal traveled couldn't get pregnant traveled off through Spain. She and her husband came upon the smother ledge and lo and behold there was a facility clinic there. So a few months later, she and her husband went back, and the moral, you know, conceived because she came on this for Tila clinic. Yeah. Yeah. And then another will man had of songs sheet music that she played on the piano. She have for years and wanted that put on her short. So you would you would you would apply those to the torsos and then just over or cover over lacquer over them somehow. Yeah, they're painted into the work along with the patterns and the paint the stories. Yes, I'm gonna read one. It's your torso number two. The loss of a child is like, no other. My story is not unique. It is very personal and my journey will not inspire anyone. But maybe help to comfort those in need the loss of a child is like no other the grief last a lifetime. You must live with it like it or not but to live. Well, you must carry on an everyday look for anything positive. Having more children helped to ease the pain that will never ever go away. A grandson named f to your precious loss child is priceless. You can always take these way out and give up but real strength comes from. When you decide to keep going, maybe not for yourself. But for others through it being strong is the only choice you have. So these are all very very personal almost hesitant asked after the twenty-first where do the torsos headed? Well, there are some things in the work. And maybe I would love to have a travel throughout the country may be various museums, and I'm working towards echo, and I've given some of my catalogs and to various places, so, you know, very nice. Sterling zinze Myers. Here's well. He is the acting director of CCA and ward members. Well, what else is going on up there? Nice to meet you nice to meet you. I was board chair stepped on his board chair to do the to be the interim director what it's been a privilege to work at CCA with the incredible staff, and Jason Silverman and Hannah houseman and all the incredible staff at CCA, and we're having a great time. We're preparing for the fortieth anniversary, which is this year. We're gonna have a lot of incredible conversations, and we're working with the Santa Fe institute. To do some conversations this summer. We have a conceptual artist who talks about the the the dream of opera of objects Judy to all its Suwa Sala Judy if I mispronounced your name like everyone else does. But she's an incredible conceptual artist. One of the things she takes an object. And you look at it. And you think oh it's just around ball. And he turns out that it's the amount of plutonium used a trinity from the explosion. But she really interprets objects and amazing way we're going to have a very exciting summer and CCA has been around for thirty thirty nine years. Very successfully. And we're really about the community. We have all kinds of programs for coming up this summer. Probably gonna have a couple of barbecues and in the plaza there and invite the community to come. So it's just a privilege to be there for now. Not sure if I'm going to continue it because it is a lot of work you're doing to search right for doing a search. And we have a lot of candidates coming up. I'm really out of the search part didn't make sense for me to be that. I may put my hat in the ring really something my husband, and I have to think about so you've you've caught the bug. I have well I fell in love with C C three and a half years ago in palton was the chair through it came on board. So I got to work with both of them quite a bit. And then I became board share and Stewart, of course, went onto I fan, right? Where's doing a great job? And I just thought well somebody has to hold the place together. There. We're doing some new things there and some new ways of doing things in terms of expanding and also continue the standard of the art. We've shown on Joyce. And and Sounders. Sharon's gradings and cardinal Muslim Ricardo show was fantastic. And also, you know, we're we've got some shows in the future coming that that we think will really we've got to keep that standard up. And we're going to a great board. This really working hard to do that. If people have pieces or people wanted to communicate or people wanna rent the theaters actually, we're talking about that with somebody in town recently as a great place, they want to do some kind of spoken-word presentations, go to the website, go to the website, or they can they can Email me it sterling at CCA Santa Fe dot org. I'd be glad to look into it. We're doing a lot more rentals. We also, of course, as you know, last year took over the screen with worked with the former mayor and the current mayor, and we're having fantastic results screen now. So curated screen which will be the venue for next guests, which is Pamela green in her film, natural nice to meet you. Sterling. More about I'm here every day. All right goodbye. Anytime you want. Okay. Darren really nice to meet you mazing amazing show. Thank you so much. All right. Take time out. We'll come back, and we'll talk with filmmaker Pamela green. She's out in Los Angeles. We'll talk about your film called be natural about a woman director who.

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