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Nineteen ninety s acceptance among ashland's residents of the need for a collective vigilance has grown in tandem with a number scale and intensity of infernos across the region. A strong consensus for practical measures to reduce fire. Risk reflects their clear eyed perspective. That neither magical in game nor even more firefighters will avert pass raphy we try to help residency that their own safety is linked to their neighbors. Safety says brian hendrix the communities coordinator of fire adapted ashland. When everybody does a little a whole lot gets done. The emphasis on collaboration has drawn together the city us forest service and conservation groups to restore the town's watershed. The innovative initiative has enabled the partners to treat thirteen thousand acres of land through prescribe. Earning selective logging and brush clearing. I won't ever say we've got it all figured out says chris chambers the wildfire division chief for the ashland's fire department but there's been a commitment to finding common ground. The story was reported by martin. Coups in ashland oregon for the monitor. The un secretary general was shocked if you expelled. Un humanitarian staff to security council. Didn't act has the world lost its devotion to the responsibility to protect and if so why days after the united nations issued a report on famine in ethiopia's tigray province that faulted government obstruction of aid ethiopian. Prime minister avi off. Med expelled seven. Un humanitarian personnel un secretary general antonio gutierrez expressed shock but security council. Took no action. In fact experts say mr rb is finding he can act with impunity because no power on the international stage has the will or desire to stop him not only have traditional defenders of international human rights tired of intervention say the experts but china and russia have emerged as staunch and influential defenders of government's right to rule over domestic affairs without outside interference. Michael doyle a columbia university professor and former un assistant secretary. General says what's going on with ethiopia is illustrative of two syndromes at work in various forms and with varying intensity in different places around the world. He adds one is about intervention fatigue and a growing sense post afghanistan. That you can't really make things better. So don't get involved and the other looks at china and russia's growing willingness to take sides and declares there's another game in town despots can turn to if they get any kind of trouble from the united states. This story was reported by howard. La- frankie in washington for monitor. Invasive fish species from the red sea threatened the mediterranean scientists fishers and government. Officials are finding ways to mitigate their impact if not turn them into dinner.

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