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The Ted Bundy tapes, which is a four part series on that killer Ted Bundy, which I guess I didn't know enough about because I knew was a serial killer. Holy crap. Like, the dude is nuts. And not only that by the way. It's all history. I'm not spoiling anything you should watch it if I'm not even into serial killers. And I get nightmares real easy. But everyone's talking about good. It was. And I watched it, and I enjoyed it. And I felt guilty that I enjoyed it. Because I enjoyed the story serial killer. Yeah. And then I feel guilty that I'm looking for the movie coming out Zack Ephron. Yeah. Often really looks like him, dude. Escaped jail twice. He escaped jail. Share did unbelievable. So I recommend it. Because it wasn't like a scary movie. He doesn't even really kill anybody. The first episode. I don't think he does learn about him. Like Google a bunch of stuff though about him. They think that maybe this this show lessons stuff out from beginning. He may have done some stuff when he was a teenager that. They didn't put in. Yeah. So, but it's interesting. He there was something wrong is brain. I don't know. Even what it means to be evil. I don't know if we do things that are evil because something wired differently in us, or they talk about maybe he had a tumor or something and certain parts of the brain that didn't allow empathy or but there was something wrong with him. And so I guess the crazy part of the story is that he was a really good looking guy, really smart guy. And he had all these tools to actually be successful. And instead he used them for really really bad things. So I thought it was good. I feel so weird. I enjoyed it. But I I was entertained by learning. Is crazy, man. A couple of things about it. That wasn't in the show again. He may have committed the first murderer fourteen. Oh, wow. He worked at a suicide hotline in Seattle for a long time. He aided the police and catching other killers, which they briefly. The green river killer. He helped catch in that got killed more than Ted Bundy did and he was like, hey, here's what killers. Did they go back to their spot? So the places they're waiting on them, and they got him so bizarre. And then. Yeah. Ephrons making a movie about it. Anyway, I don't want to sit on this forever. But you liked it. I did Morgan to you would be interested in it. I say this guilty. I watch that other true crime stuff. So I should I should get off Milo high horse about. I watch all kinds of true crime stuff. And I'm entertained by it that one a net flicks. Where it's like innocent, man. Oh, yeah. That was good. That making a murderer watch that. And don't be judging me 'cause you probably want to stop to. Nobody's judging you. I hate myself for enjoying. We're not judging Dr death and dirtyjohn were over. I was like well shoot it's over. I mean, these people these are real lives, and they're like, you know. Yeah, they're really having to live it. I'm just wanting to hear more. Yeah. So that's it. Okay. About something. Like, oh, you know, what I watch was the punisher season two. That's such a good show as far as those Netflix shows go, that's the best superhero. He's not even a superhero punisher. I don't know anything about him. Give me something. I was really going to get. No, it's fantastic. The punchers fantastic and season one. They use a lot of vets to to tell the story about how hard bets haven't when they come out because that's what he is. He comes back from war, and he has all these skills, and he's kind of messed up from it. The season one that heavy and they bring in a lot of vets and like tell their story without making. It seem like a PSA actually intertwined into the series. It's the best one now because of that. But it's good punisher. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Then I watch Super Bowl. That was good better than anybody else thought. It was griping about the game. Like, the players can do it any different right? Yeah. The game was boring. Okay. What do you wanna do who? Are you mad at because the game was boring. Now, the commercial pretty good. The commercials are just different now than they used to be. Meaning it used to be all be about funny like what commercial can make me laugh about that anymore. A little bit. There are a few. But it's about announcements it's about the feel good. It's about anything. This just a little bit different. So they announced Hameed sale. In coming. It's morning again. Listen to it because this is great. I they got me. I was like, oh, wow. Is here me commercial doing like a pampers commercial? Seems like a real life being got Oriole. They announced the new avengers, which I'm totally into and ready to go, and I'm gonna make Dan us bad again. I know I guess he'd never was good. But yeah. You feel bad for him. I just felt like you'd have to make a tough decision in the last avengers. Now, they're going to go kill the guy. So that was there. About the game. The game went down to the like the last half of the fourth quarter of one more. Can you want born on?.

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