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Story england's press in your mind a very important story is now being paid off fear full season later this also seen with the blackfish and cat and they're talking about how she's never going to see your kids again in blackfish is like trying to pump her up but nothing to consequential comes outta now no not really so things are happening in river run we'll see where it has all taken us but we are currently in the midst of a river runs through it so we touched on jamie lancaster losing his hand but we have a couple of moments in this episode where jamie and bryanne are talking about their predicament and real i thought that this is a bit of a turn that genie is taking in terms of trying to give some council to bryanne as they are tied up backtoback writing to wherever they're going right yeah he's trying to ease are suffering her future suffering any way as much as he can knowing what he knows about soldiers in war and prisoners and what happens to be boy in these types of situations he is basically leading her no bike these people are inevitably coming for you tonight and if you give them trouble they'll kill you because on the valuable one like they need me alive they don't need you alive and it is it is a turn because you know just an episode earlier they were fighting each other to the death you know it's really taken a turn and certainly it's interesting because with jamie lancaster with this is not a guy who you think of as warm and fuzzy you know he's a he's always been berry cutting both literally and also in terms of the way he interacts with people um it's over him to like put himself out there and the way that he dozen this episode to give eib even an enemy.

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