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So that's why that's why the game actually was one of the best platforms of the time because we're doing things that the tech allowed it to. Yeah, and that's an ES Kasich actually completely nailed the militia. I would. I would. Love to do. Give the this game Yoshi Xilin the same fun, fantasy six treatment and kind of do like a back end of an episode on him because it's the the production in the element of that game is really and we'll make Ryan plan. Yeah, I've played. I've beaten it. It's just it's not a Super Mario world to number six. Mario golf? Yes. Great. Great version of Mario golf. Has this this great addition to this list? It continued to continue with this. I mean, the GameBoy color version was already amazing. Right? And they continued that game on the Game Boy advance. I can't remember if there was any sort of connection to the GameCube version. I can't remember. I probably in this era there probably was, yeah. But did you play any Mario golf games after that? Oh, they haven't been as good. Honestly. It's like, I think the RPG elements made the game. Awesome. And they kind of went away from that Gulf story. Yeah, I kind of fell off of it, but it was good. Everybody falls. That's the problem with that game. Okay. Okay. I want to hear your perspective on this. I have no perspective because I never played this game. Tony Hawkes pro skater to go. I never actually played it. I played a an obscene amount of Tony Hawkes pro skater two on PlayStation, but not on my. I have played this. I bought this game this. This was a like at what time did you buy it when it first came, this was a four thirty. This is like this was a technical marvel on like the fact that this was even feasible that still this gigantic like open world issues. Skateboarding game looks like the three Devers easy. This one of the most experiences when you when you see a game for the first time, this is one of the most amazing experiences. Yeah, I've ever experienced like it was the knowing what the GB was going to be was just going to be a super Nintendo superintendent portable. That's what idea then they come out and it's like hairs Tony hawk and yes, it's top down and it's kind of, you know, screwing around. Cut. The harder is a actual three d. model that's been, you know, that has all the tricks from the console version and you have to kind of trick trick your brain into knowing this the three quarter view, but the game place. Incredible. I like this is running on a handheld now at the time..

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