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U._s. Mexico border is distinct in the sense that it begins to target a national group as potential carriers of specific diseases with certain traits certain traits like criminality analogy that we're seeing the political rhetoric of today gabriela salah viagra his story in harvard university specializing in latin america and the border. Thanks so much thank you. I am writing with good news said the email. The good news was that the trump administration was offering several million dollars. The potential new the millionaire was the indian captain of iranian super tanker carrying oil to get his money. All the captain had to do with steer his ship to a port where it could be seized this would prevent iran for making money from selling the oil on board but the captain never responded to the email and so the trump administration wrote a second note. This time was some bad news. The state department threatened to take away the captain's visa to visit the u._s. In the future to put this into context we turn to holly digress. She's with the atlanta council and curates the iran us newsletter. How unusual is this sort of email exchange. Have you ever seen anything like this before in any effort to pressure iran if anything it reminded me of these four one nine emails we sometimes get about a nigerian prince promising us millions or member of the us armed forces offering money from the rock war so if anything i think reading it it was hard to believe for a moment that this was actually coming from the u._s. Department of state and wasn't just one incident incident it was actually about a dozen people were receiving the text messages and emails and there was a follow up email to the ship captain from the state department with the promise of with this money money you can have any life you wish and be well often old age but also warned if you choose not to take the easy path life will be much harder for you. I mean even the language but i'm wondering can this is be construed as extortion and is it illegal. Oh well with an indian national have been able to get an visa to the united states to begin with especially at they had written on their visa paper birds that the captain of an iranian oil tanker so i think for starters. I think that this person would have unlikely never gotten the visa to begin with javad zarif. The foreign minister tehran tweeted about the whole incident calling it quote outright blackmail by the u._s. and use the hashtag be team gangsters. Is that a smart tactic. When you refers to the b. team he's referring to national security adviser john bolton israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu crown prince of saudi arabia mohammad bin salman and the crown prince of the united arab emirates mama bin ziyad so he sees individuals as a group that are before pressuring iran and perhaps starting a war or some forum of regime change. This is what he's arguing right now with this tweet so this evil scheme to the indian captain of this supertanker it was part of a broader broader u._s. campaign to isolate iran. Let's hear from state department. Official brian hook here areas yesterday unveiling another effort. We are announcing a reward of up to fifteen million dollars for any person who helps us disrupt the financial operations of iran's revolutionary.

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