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You can make a new one from a little familiar failure to say that there's a subway train coming subpoenas separate uh airbags what now no webbing you fools. They do do that weird thing so he basically makes dragon man. Keep shoot fire until he runs out then he tackles up through the street and takes them out and he's waiting wait for people to start complaining again like they did in the spectacular spider man issue with these people are all grateful now has a headache and he's angry but I was like Oh crap hoping to finish spider man but now he's brought him back into the game fairly you were saying doom still trying to pull spider-man's against cosmic power outages test one and it's not working so his but his faith in New York is a New York has been restored so there's Dan in Bali need it. What would a eagle on this jerk taking the Turks me. They really really in that at the Liz. Allan gets a mysterious call. Don't call again. Harrys like who is like someone trying to sell timeshares. Anyone knows who it is. It's a her stepbrother that brother next issue whether Spiderman just got OUTTA president is it a he needs some runway in place your final issue amazing spider man three twenty nine. They is now the secret of the cosmic revealed. What do you think there's another one for some reason. I guess we've been packets more but anyway from our our prey. Pr Eli and we're at Mr Shaw Ghion. Hey we haven't seen you in awhile three of them. So He's had his destined his top men in researching the origins of spider man's powers and his his local scientists is like hey buddy Dr Max over at Empire State University. Do you know do the wacky and be experiments around the same time spider mango powers and Charles like for good this honestly it gave away his identity border locates three days later peters helping Mary Jane run line. It has been yes. She always good memories lines with no pants on so heyman when in Rome what do his roommate state and I was GONNA say. Let's see can podcast gear. It's true Charlie after his rubbed off for the worst freezing aw yeah so Peter still saying Oh my an accident and these new powers it's like always about Peter Eater though to be fair I get one meeting I know but she gives them the suit and says here confer sling here on summer yeah eight. Oh ooh hours earlier cuts reality earlier. Sebastian shot was forcing Max to build the device that negate the powers in you. you know you can't boss Maxwell. He's got a little bit of a temper but he the knows some thirty little wild blackmail info on him so I'll take it to the board of directors at Empire Patio State University in your Oh God the worst thing you could say to academic. Your funding will be the more tenure. Don't miss those days of expire me like stop muddying. He's YMER wasting my time with this. The powers have made him arrogate. This also sold your kiss. I can't put my finger on it. I know no but I mean th then he's like what am I thinking as he's as he as he stops chunk from flash from our mugging people with weird hairdos like gravitons again well he didn't get smacked around in our first part though it is like he served by he's even thinking you know the people who employ me up disbanded see west coast to vendors fifty five. He's eminent in my life. I'm just like Oh suicide by COP. Okay but then three minutes ago we see the the mastermind finally revealed as Loki these mathers Misfield in in you know so. Let's get a little planet or something. Remember me by three sentinels. Here's a spell for you. Try it now. How an imaginative three who owns a well six six arms and two legs so hey looks it's like a spider almost like something from the Matrix but whatever didn't need another one didn't need a two or three we need. I don't know about three I will say the animatrix if you haven't seen it definitely do that indefinitely play the Games because it is automated anyway so spiderman swinging around gets another painful spider sense angle but that you know now as distract garbage can actually gets to carry on his head traumas. The Catholic Energy Breadbox also does defeat defeat gravitons for the time being but also Sebastian says a shaw's like Oh. This is what you're doing. Prepare ports. Hud Awed Generator to spider-man's. I'm changing. I remember I'm Captain Universe. Yeah yeah connect with the unit power and we could we do. We don't hear about Catholic University. He's got terrible break. You know like captain cold unit our that. Yes we get the whole lab summary of when Ito when humane she manages endangered the `Nigma fours chooses someone give them the powers of the key of Captain Universe but maxes X.'s experiment locked in a gay Peter Most of the power but none of the knowledge or that sounds about right for Peter but then he's like. I've no time for this. I gotTa go stop the Tri Sentinel. Oh in China below amy point nuclear power plant great job great job. No Yup has energy shields to block his energy shots and the web stuff to bricks via that Yep. I've been beaten on the cooling tower. The Reactor Yup is like it's GonNa blow but then it wraps up docs now like shows up. He's like Oh crap the t realize realized how dangerous so he tries to stop it he activates fail-safe but our inner it becomes a guest Na. Thank thank you for that. I I mean as side to be specific. Maybe that's just me the channels all that power of Captain Universe the various strug's and the F- we after some ice and some became the webbing hip flab sentinels everything he's got a nice big splash splash page taught unit power has left building. We'll doubles the full reason I guess not even the accident. Vengeance it just gave him the power to stop the Tri Sentinel which he did so. It's an air kidding nice little bow but is here you on tap so Peter goes home and changes in Charlie Brown shirts or artwork than flash shows up with his newest girlfriend Felicia hardy the thinking hugh which a little magic first letters and stuff and even slash. You know what's the matter guys cat got your tongue. our doesn't realize how ironic he was. We're here that has been your Spiderman Axa binges wait. We're GONNA talk about how I should have stopped. Moammar Augie baffier into parts headed Africa onto safe. Wow this dipper old well. It's well if you wanted to see stuff like that. Check out what if Roy to who number thirty one what if spider man had kept his cosmic powers from November nineteen ninety one and of course dooms in that I imagine dooms init- Oh do bought a little favorite hall Goblin Venom Venom stuff. Maybe two backups they did Allah what like all of the she liked TV show ever since they announced reporter in the outfit. All I'm looking forward to that but I'm looking forward to midnight to but you know what though it's just like I dunno so gratuitous they gave me like PG that you'd be yeah but can they go PG thirteen. I don't know I don't like I guess we'll just have to see. I guess Oh you know we haven't talked about Spiderman movie deal. Yeah lise-lotte here sides with Sony. I am Hash tag team. Sony I guess Ad Y'all GonNa regret giving the mouse this much pow it gets got it. Google said that if the bat for Disney Gobble everything up in they're gonna Gobble apple-disney up and then that's how we got obviously all the power because Sony just told them to pound sand and you know well after two more failed movies are GonNa go back with me. No hadn't hand groveling. STARBURSTS can only sell so many tickets emerge bro. You say nobody the live action spider mayor freaking Sony I don't even want woods and unless they're going to put them in college and do the thing it gives us a real venom origin story. Only I'm GonNa go see a live action on spidery movie. Sony Tony Give the give marvel back control to a secret wars. Give us a real venom origin now life. The origin for everybody knows lifeless. The Tom Hardy is technically seeker. No is it Ryan. Reynolds is technically secretly the origins. If you look turtles picks up both he had told Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hardy report does made Louise. I mean from the neck down. It doesn't really matter move guys phases anyway. We'll be gone shameless. You're such a guy anyway. Yes alright to send us your thoughts. What did you think of acts of vengeance next the we next episode next week will be talking talking some current spiderman books and then first week of October you can even watch it live in talking to Mr John Mathis about craven's last hunt and soul of the hunters so if you have questions about that send them in because you can get your questions answered right from the the worst.

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