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Work? I think can we talk about Tom Holland hosting the Oscars? Sure. Just incredible, incredible interview performance by him. He's asked during the interview, would you like toast the Oscars? And she's clearly overwhelmed and lists the 15 things that he can't do. That he has to do and why he couldn't host the Oscars. And then he calls back two minutes later. Surely at the behest of someone who is listening another conversation. And it's like that was so crazy. I just went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror and thought, who says they don't want to host the Oscars? I love to host the Oscars. Let me host the Oscars. Congratulations to that publicist. You did earn your keep that day. And also, let Tom Holland host the Oscars. Sure, why not? I believe it was The New York Times brook Barnes who suggested on Twitter a few weeks ago that if the Oscars were smart, they would throw a brinks truck at Tom Holland and Zendaya to host the show that that was the move to entice young people to care about the Academy Awards. And so I presume that that was what informed Scott's idea to ask him about that. And I don't think that Tom Holland and Zendaya hosting the Oscars like radically improves the ratings for the Oscars, but it does recognize that they need to do something that changes things up significantly. And they should probably put somebody in the center of the frame who really does represent what movies are. And right now, at least in part, Spider-Man is movies. And certainly someone like Zendaya is also movies. She was also a part of dune, so that's even more so the case. And the idea that somebody like her actually, who was in a Netflix movie in 2021, who was about to be on a streaming at a claimed streaming show in 2022 and who is into the two biggest franchises right now going for two major old school studios in Warner Brothers and Sony, that's pretty representative of where things are and where they're going. And so in that respect, I think it would be clever. I also just think obviously they're both Uber talented in a number of different ways. Tom Han has a little bit of a Hugh Jackman. Am I a song and dance man? I kind of could be like the MC of your party in addition to being your Spider-Man thing going on. So and Zendaya has been a star since she was like ten years old, you know? It's like in her bones to know how to be a performer. I guess there is a little bit of concern that you could get into James Franco and Hathaway territory here or if this goes badly, your reputation is greatly damaged. If I had to wager on it, I would wager that they will not be hosting the Academy Awards, but it's fun to talk about. I think that we can't hold the James ray going halfway thing against everyone for the we can hold it against James Franco..

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