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They beat Michigan State 93 87. Washington's top three offensive weapons. All listed is questionable with injuries for tomorrow night's wild card matchup against Tampa Bay. You can hear all the action right here on W M A L starting at seven W E Mail news times 504 up next traffic and weather then mornings on them all on 105.9 FM W M A l at the Roselle Center for healing. We care about your health and want to help you take your health and a new direction. From drugs and surgery. Knowledge is the key to optimal wellness and control of your health. We offer free health education on chronic health conditions and natural integrative medicine treatments. Register for free today Join us Online for our virtual presentation on chronic headaches on Wednesday, January 13th at 7 P.m. Register today Call 7036987117 per visit. Roselle Care calm. That's roselle care dot com. This is Dr Tom Roselle. After 43 years of practice and over a million patient visits. There was I'll settle for healing knows what works that knows how you can take control of your health and wellness. My team of doctors practice 20% Cherie integrative medicine, Whether you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, allergies or headaches. We can help take charge of your health before it's too late Making appointment today, Call seven or 36987117 or visit online roselle care dot com. That's roselle care dot com. 5050. W M A L traffic and weather every 10 minutes first. In the five years Lisa Beeton in the Headed carpet Cleaning traffic center. Vehicle Fire is North ban on the George Washington Parkway..

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