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I was so nervous that you're gonna miss this flight today. Um, uh, Jacob do if anybody good to play the note all quick. We did. We did We have someone good for for the no question. We're all set. Yeah. Okay, Jack, that's gonna be exciting. Tracy Taylor has the look on a Friday What? Wait first. What? What flavor? Bang. Are you drinking? Like one of my favorite energy drinks. Oh, it's terrible for you. Peach Mango. Oh, yeah, that was pretty good. It doesn't have touring in it. So that's good. You won't have to worry about too much heart problems. Okay, a couple of things that we're watching right now on the south and five drive outside of highway 18 heading out to the Commodore's little slow and so is the drive Right around City center. We're still kind of struggling outside of Lakewood to joint base. Lewis McChord in 5 12. As we get closer to Canyon, you will find some crowding around the South Hill Mall back up through highway 16 have now dissipated Not so much for drivers on north on I five through shoreline into Mountlake Terrace. And once again as we get closer to 1 48, you will find some slowing around highway to Reminder that there will be a closure tonight for sound transit work on both directions of highway 99 between 204th and 208. Also South 25. It's Stuart Story. We'll close tonight starting at 11 O'clock. That'll go till tomorrow morning for some work. And the Mercer and a Yale on ramps to South 25 will be closed as well. Traffic brought to you by Emerald Queen Casino Now open the emo Queen. Clingy team has got you covered. Come by for a safe, clean, comfortable escape, and McQueen Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest, Cairo radio, real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. But this weekend Macy's It's time for a winter refresh with 25 to 50% off clearance, plus an extra 20% off with your coupon or Macy's card. This is your chance to stock up on new looks for your closet and every room in your home with great.

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