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They say, Walter white may still be alive during those Omaha cinema scenes. Yeah, right. I thought it was after I thought it was going to be years later that he, you know, when when better call Saul ended, he had to get out of town. Remember any left, and but Walter white was alive at that point, but he was alive in and then he killed like died in that fucking. Okay thing but way after well, Saul had to leave. I and was like, I'm, I'm gonna just work in a cinnabon in Phoenix, whatever he says in the show when Roscoe Nebraska. Yeah, when he's leaving. So he left I and then Walter white died after after. So they're saying in that small time, maybe. Okay. Or is that is that whole thing earlier than we thought and then Saul. Comes back and reinvents himself as sole because he's still going under that other name right now. So either way I'm amped I mean to see it. I know. We, we all have shows like that that we fucking hate. We watch anyways, the one right now that we're in the middle of that sharp objects on HBO not buying hated and I just want the fucking answer to the show. I hate watching every second of that show so horrible. Can't I just can't do it. It's just it's disturbing to the core every scene, and that's hard to deal with. And I don't buy it for Mamie atoms. I don't. I don't like. Now when Messina has a dick and same digging. Perked up. Hello? I'm here for it. I just woke up. But yeah, no, well, and you think do this, so you think the ending is supernatural and I'm telling you it's not. That's the only thing we really have to say about that. But I will say this, unlike my roster damage predictions for everything else on the show, I'm not good at predicting like TV series because the endings I want in my mind are never. Yeah, I go. I always go back to get out on this where it was just like a really enjoyed get out up until the end. The ending of that movie. I wish those guys would have gone to prison and then that would have been the whole twist of it of like for congra-, but that wasn't the case. So I'm always wrong in that, I think is as a writer, I know what I want to happen. What would be the most bad ass thing? And it never is same with detective men to detective season to madman. I hated the ending of that to the commercial. It was like, yeah, he jumps off the building the building in the credits. Yeah. Climbs up to the roof advertising businesses changed, and then that's him falling the building that would have tied up that series perfectly. Instead they went that fucking game route with homeboy, and I'm just like God damn, say commercial, everybody remembers. Knows a Coca Cola commercial. I'm laying..

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