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Capital. Pennsylvania, officially certified the election results for projected President elect Joe Biden, paving the way for him to receive the state's 20 electoral college votes. Next month. Biden led President Trump by more than 80,000 votes, and we're learning more about the decision to begin the transition process for Biden, correspondent John Decker reports. The Trump Administration official played a key role. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows was one of the driving forces behind encouraging President Trump to allow the transition to the Biden administration to begin. That's according to two sources familiar with their discussions. They describe the GSC administrators letter and the president's follow up tweet as something that had been culminating but was pushed over the precipice due to the Pennsylvania federal lawsuit being tossed out on Saturday and Michigan certification on Monday afternoon. While the president maintains he will never concede. Several staffers tell Fox News that they read it as an acknowledgement of sorts and are now actively planning for life outside a Trump administration. In Washington, John Decker Fox News. Meanwhile, Biden is preparing to formally announce his national security team long time Biden advisor Anthony Blinken is nominated to be Secretary of state. Jake Sullivan, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton and Biden has chosen to be national security adviser. Former Secretary of State John Kerry is slated to take the lead on combating climate change, and Biden is also expected to announce former Fed chair Janet Yellen as the first woman to serve as Treasury secretary. Tarrant County District Attorney's office has provided a path for those charged with possessing less than two ounces of marijuana, a misdemeanor to have the charges dropped. Criminal D A. Sharon Wilson says the person must provide authorities with three claim drug test in three months to qualify. It's part of an effort to curb the clogging up of courts. Marijuana possession is the most frequently committed a fence in Tarrant County. Last year, there were 3750 cases filed and veterans transition service members and military spouses who are looking for work are invited to participate in a national virtual career fair Today, it's getting it away right now and runs until 3 p.m. in this hosted by recruit military, You can get more information at WB ap dot com..

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