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Like david's eyes who is starting to wonder a little bit i think she's right and she's getting jealous 'cause petty is not a little kid anymore but she still had an obvious crush on david it if he could do no wrong in patty's ice note could now an linda notice that patty who is getting to be more seductive interactions and she's just recognize in his should done the same thing at patty's age yes it's kind of the same thing that happened with her the david steps spending as much time with linda then and he began taking patty with him when he went out of the house athol wanted patty to move back home but when linda brought it up david refused to ask patty to leave the house so we can see what's going on here we get some trouble regret some trouble here don't worry yes sir it's brewing for sure and then after crystals born in july everyone seems happy there's like a honeymoon period and linda set aside her jealousy it seemed close to patti as they took care of the baby together for a short time for shortterm slowed meanwhile brimble who remembers david's for sword she's or from be cured verse two linda wondered brenda call the house to good sentiments birth certificate which david her miss safe when his such should look into a but then she said obscured but i'll do it so what's there that's where she scared because.

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