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All right. We don't have a ton of new like Cam Newton's the starting quarterback. Deebo Samuel is looking more likely for week one. Plays the Jaguars traded another starter. They traded safety Ronnie Harrison for a fifth round pick. They've now traded Jalen. Ramsey. That was obviously last year. Yanni can gawk wage boy callejas Campbell, and now the safety Rodney Harrison, they could have just such a bad defense. The cowboys released a hawk Clinton Dix. Lead to some Earl Thomas. Speculation. Interns and we got gotTa Mailbag to get to as well. So in terms of IT P Do you. How do you feel about it? I like the way we play it in the League we play in together. I'm not I'm not that crazy about I'd DP where you have like three defensive players just doesn't feel like it adds any scarcity and there's no reason to ever reach early drafts but. We play in a league where how many ear starting like nine defensive players it I think every week yes Now, you've. Now you've got legitimate. Scarcity in it like there are definitely I. Mean, Eh, offensively what you're looking for different paths in a draft to win. In, that draft you can make the argument that taking a defensive player in the. Seventh or eighth round is a good strategy. You could also argue waiting until the twentieth rounds good strategy which I like. Yeah I actually think the way we play. Makes me less likely to take I want to try to get one or two really good defensive players I didn't quite accomplish that. Maybe I did I only took one early and was Bobby Wagner? Do. You know who I took who? Do you know. He's dead I'll put it that way. He plays for the chargers and he's a safety Derwin James. Oh. Wow. When did you take him? Early, enough to know not not I think it might have been a tenth round or something, but it doesn't feel great. Yes. So There's so many players that. Getting, one study it doesn't do as much for your total fantasy points. I mean we're starting three wide receivers. Affleck's two running backs obviously tight end quarterback and then nine defensive player. So it's harder for one player to really have a huge impact. So defensive players don't go that early. In this draft, I'm going to take a look try and they go earlier than any other IDP draft that I've done if they go earlier. Especially, if you're playing it for years, I've been in leagues that have three ID people and everyone's been in that league for a while and they never go as early as they go in this draft. When do they start going? Darius let her go in the sixth round that was the first pick. Right. Which is, which is it seems to me that as among linebackers, he's the clear standout. He's almost a tear unto himself. I. Think it's defensible even though I wouldn't go that early but at least I like the idea that it's a possibility and you don't just mock it. Because, you say that it's so diluted, but it's diluted for every other position to if you can find stay consistent every week contributors format like the one we're talking about which Leonard is then they're just as valuable some dumb wide receiver. Yeah I think once you start getting into like your fifth defense. Defensive. Interchange, right, there are so many interchangeable. So you do Kinda WanNa get elite ones. But if you're playing in a DP, league is a lot of just interchangeable parts here. There were some that went in the seventh round. and then yeah obviously a lot later in the draft as well. Are there any in particular that other than Derwin James? You like this year. Like don't like James at all anymore because he's not going to play. It's a bummer. It's a pretty severe bummer Defensive back is the place where I. Like to make a difference. If I can because there are just so many you could say that love is like four or five guys. Probably I would say four now now that there's not five because James has gone Jamal Adams Landon Collins I have. Jordan Jordan lawyer while I was really impressed and surprise I thought he was in my pocket I was GonNa take him and people are Jordan player in Buffalo I had Buddha Baker. In this league last year I think he is great and belongs to that conversation as well and so I i. definitely I don't really think linebacker early ninety p drafts because other than Leonard feels like a lot of similar seeming, very consistent production from middle linebackers who just get tackles, right? That's kind of what they do I, don't mind getting pass rushers. But you you need to find sack specialists who also tackles because saks aren't prevalent enough to have. Sex. Be The only thing but I I reached for James He was the first defensive player I took it with the wrong But if I can get one of those four or five defensive backs I I, think they qualify as what you just described as those like worth reaching four. They are pretty different from their their position mates. Okay. So Not, really so big on defensive lineman like Neil Daniel. Hunter. Win In round eight. Joey Bosa went around eight. That's You're not. It's fine. I mean I think I can't remember who I took I took a couple of those guys I'm going to take and Melvin Ingram I think he has a potential bounceback interesting sleeper because he was so. He's been pretty disappointing the past couple of years. I'm fine with it. Like there's two strikes me the elite tier of Defensive Lineman? is a little bigger than the elite tier of defensive backs. So if I'm going to reach the first pick I'm gonNA reach with is probably a defensive back but. I'm certainly more likely to take a defensive lineman before the. you know before we start grabbing bodies because at linebacker I feel like that's mostly doing it just grabbing bodies. So my preference of position would probably be like an elite defensive back that would be I ily defensive lineman. I'm definitely in there just a little bit more of them so I can wait a little bit and then linebacker. Probably. That doesn't matter as much fair enough Blake Martinez is an interesting name. He was kind of a tackle machine with the packers. And now he's the giants I do not. Want to take. Him. He. He's I. Don't think he's that good I mean, he didn't have much of a market and the book on him was that he just made a lot of plays like Kinda downfield. And, the packers had terrible defensive tackle though for a lot of the bad run defense giants have a much better run defense I'm not sure Martinez is going to. Switching teams like there's just a lot of variables investing in early pick in a linebacker who's not like a great player but played Martinez is not Darius. Leonard. And he's going to a new team and there's just some variables. That's a mistake. Yeah I'm fine with that. Take I I just think just generally if what we're trying to do is predict which teams are going to funnel tackles to their middle linebackers. We don't know that. True Right, like why take why taken average player under the assumption that just because year on a different team they funnel out tackles to him to say nothing of the fact that the way the giant scores sometimes split tackles I don't know if you've ever noticed that before but. The just the giant scorekeeping in general you gotTa have you see it you get a half tackling your. One tackle there. I didn't know. Okay. Even more reason not to lake. Lake. All right. Well, I hope that's helpful for IEP. if you have any more questions tweet Chris. 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