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B. FM and am. We are back in. Talking about the. Lodging Industry. Vermont and Is it now going to. Turn a corner after this corona virus crisis been going on. Late winter and spring here in Vermont my guests are Amy Speier. Of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Willie, Dr, the Moose Meadow Lodge in. Duxbury. Jim O'Reilly. He is with wildflower in up in Lyndon Ville. Willing. Let me ask you What do you? What do you have for staff there? And if you had to do layoffs and has P P P helped basically the same questions i. was just asking Jim a moment ago. Sure so it's just my husband, Greg and I. We are very small business but this is our major source of of income, so we have your guest rooms in the tree house, so we don't really have staff. Sometimes, we'll hire some help, but We're definitely not going to be able to do this summer, but it's just the two of us so Arrests are lower than you know Jim's place where he's got a lot more staff, and so that's that's good I always always trying to look at the positive side of things so yeah. So so you? You are A little more I guess, maybe Nimble is is one way to describe it, but you don't have that. You don't have those issues of worrying about am I going to be able to pay employees and and You said you have. Did you say four four rooms plus the tree house right so that's really. Five units yeah, we don't have staff, but we still have fixed expenses, so we just had to pay out last week. You know our business insurance, which is huge. got utilities. Internet phone everything else that we have a mortgage to pay, so those things don't decrease in accordance to revenues decreasing, so you know now. Any. Have you been able to get any corona virus business eight of any kind jim beyond, so we don't have staff did not apply for PD, but we did apply for the idol, the the ideal Grant and we got two thousand dollars. So that's not going to go very far and so we're. We're hoping that the legislature will quickly pass the The governor's economic recovery plan because those funds are needed by a lot of small businesses in tourism You know people like us in Jim. Let, me. Bring Your Amy's the conversation. Navy's with the Chamber Commerce Vice President, for tourism and Oh I guess. We got disconnected from amy. We'll have. We'll try to get her back in just a moment and. Because I wanted to I, wanted to SORTA. Get some overall statewide stats in general picture of what's been going on in the lodging industry in Vermont I mean. Jim O'Reilly. Maybe maybe you have a sense of kind of the the overall impact here to some extent running a large place I mean. I I was saying at the beginning of this in the intro segment that the lodging industry. Is Big in Vermont. It's it is maybe Outside compared to just what it would be kind of the average, the average state, and well actually let let me ask. Let me ask amy this because I've I've a feeling. She's going to really have a good a good statewide handling this amy, starting one of the shift gears and talk a little bit about the State Wide Picture and the overall role the of the lodging industry in Vermont economy. Do you know how many jobs are tied? Generally you know in normal, slash good time so with the lodging, industry and Vermont. In general just in the tourism industry as a full, it's over thirty thousand jobs which is about ten percent of a month forces in the tourism sector, so that's not a small number. Over thirty thousand authors that are being impacted by this into tourism sector. I mean I thought it was going to be in that realm, and and it is a big thing and and. You know of those roughly thirty or more than thirty thousand. How many how many of those folks have been laid off in the last couple of months? You know we. We're tracking that regular vitro Vermont. Project and I haven't had a chance to look at this week's dashboards, but you're looking at a significant number of the workforce. It's been laid off because. I believe Peter McLaren from West Hill House then breakfast, said it really well a couple of weeks ago. You know when lodging properties are closed. They can't sell the best breakfast experience on life line as a digital experience, so when logic property is closed, there's no way to to be creative and and find a way to get revenue win so those that have not been able to take advantage of the Pe-. loans. Others to bring staff on or keep them on. You know they send significantly impacted. And and WH, what is your sense? Now you know the governor on Friday announced that There's going to be a little bit of A. And maybe you can fill me on the details a somewhat of a relaxation on the the restrictions or quarantining requirements Cetera for people coming in. From out of state refresh me on those details and in in in in talking about how you think that might help situation. So it's no secret that the impacts of cove in nineteen have been devastating to the lodging sector. involved continued gradual reopening not ideal from hospitality industry. You know it's a small step forward. That was badly needed that happened so effective on. Eight living in new, England or upstate New York are permitted to travel to Vermont now outworn teen restrictions if they're traveling from a county with similar cove and nineteen caseloads as remarked, so that threshold is set at four hundred or fewer cases per million, and this is updated weekly the state's websites, if you're on the Agency of Commerce and community, development's website and you select their cross state travel information. That's gets updated every week and they've got a a master that folks can follow. So I, I know the governor has been very concerned about.

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