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Free this is this is the views that will be playing in my house in the tvs on later today so you have a little mood music the said you just said you often in the night law was you're watching tiger woods sank his second round at the hero world challenge you know what it is right now try it's the first the month veritas it's a song oh absolutely i jazz very high well that was more for you we go through you were said paddock we were we were there who can i thought you are really the because it is the first among now as least a i flip this is why is the best part of the show while saying that all week fell behind on that one can feel free to let me on this you'll get there we could could you don't blame you know who's been doing this the longest may so the whole idea is to make me look good okay you know how hard that is a very that's why we have a staff of four no okay that where you're done that is very much stanbic's fall that's very true good point well look by default everything stands for and that's that's just a gaza fact of life we continue here on goal go trey we go michael wigan my goal of junior and look it's basically as we said yesterday a glorified member guest in it's his member guest but it had been three hundred days since we saw tiger woods play competitive round of golf and after all the injuries and everything else it was really nice to see that guy be able to do those kind of things on the golf course three under sixty nine tiger woods was in the zone yesterday and has brought.

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