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And then we'll join carpeting your co for crosstalk at twelve o'clock. We're open for business and your phone calls at three one two three three two three seven seven six or you can tweet at us. We are on Twitter will interact with you throughout the show in Jonathan a lot to do here in the spinal hour, especially with the Chicago Bears making the move yesterday signing the safety. Ha ha Clinton Dix be in the defensive backfield for the Chicago Bears. Absolutely. And people wonder as it's going to be an upgrade will this, disrupt. What the bears are doing defensively, I tell you know. And the reason why is because the bears defensively. Rawal ready solid. What they're looking forward to as we will have someone that can enhance what they've already done the core. In place in the course starts and actually sometimes ends with Khalil Mack. Because he's such a disruptor out there. We saw limited time. Now you've been for the full sixteen games. Well, in limited time that we saw Khalil Mack more times than that. He was getting the job done making a difference for that bears defense. So in that secondary. Sure you wanted to be short up. But the thing about the NFL that you, and I both know is that you can't maintain a roster the entire time during a run is going to be changes. And so this change, hopefully, we'll be good for Chuck Pagano and the rest of that defensive core. If you missed us the two previous hours, you can download the podcast ESPN, Chicago dot com. And on the ESPN app. Johnson said that the bulls draft pick going forward for this season was Otto porter isn't that the same thing with the Chicago Bears your big ticket draft pick for this season. Your big ticket item was Khalil Mack. Right. Because of the draft capital, you gave up and everything to set up this championship window that you're in for the Chicago Bears. And I think the thing that kind of point out based on what you just said how how do you manipulate the team and the roster as you go from year to year trying to win football games? You do what traffic's usually the teams that spend wildly in free agent in free agency, and the NFL those are usually not the teams there are the teams winning Super Bowls. They're usually not the teams there at the end of the day. I know last year the Rams a little different. They spent a lot on free agents veteran players that come in and get them to the Super Bowl. Look at the way New England's always done it. If someone is you know, a little bit passer prime or about to get past their prime. They don't resign them. They. They cut him loose. Maybe they supply with someone who's younger fresher and they figured out from there on forward. So listen to that a lot of that is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick certainly bit parts that they have you know, look at the Packers. They've signed patriots patriots signing all over the league. Patriots are fine. They're cool at that. And you know, if you're a bulls fan, I mean, a bears fan going forward and you take a look at this bears team. This is the roster at you. Have you have a couple of moves that are made this week by Ryan pace BUSTER screen, ha ha Clinton Dix Cordeiro Patterson? Mike Davis, Chris Blewitt and Redford Jones will fight it out for the kicker spot. Are you looking at this bears team, and you can join the conversation at three one two three three two three seven seven six. And do you say that this team right now is better than what they were when the season ended at Soldier Field. You lose off the double d link to the eagles the eagles move onto the divisional round are the bears right now today better than the team. We saw on the field in wild card weekend. I think they're as good as they were last year and. I think that they can be better. I mean, listen, I understand what their standard is. Right. Your standard. Is are you better than a twelve and four roster? Right. Okay. And that's pretty good because you won the division. And maybe you're double doing your way from getting to where the Rams were last year. You know, I guess we'll never know. Right. But when you look at the core, that's the thing. I always look at it's one thing to say our biggest player on this rosters Cleal MAC. And then it drops off in there. But there's no drop off because when you have quality defensive starters like Akeem Hicks like Leonard Floyd where the arrows pointing up I really believe the roquan Smith over if he's with his team for a decade. He's going to be one of the best players to ever play the linebacker position. I'm gonna I'm gonna stick everything on that not just because Georgia fan, and I saw every step of him in college. I really believe that he solid enough to be able to help a franchise. I we saw glimpses of that would roquan Smith last year. With would Kyle fuller with Eddie Jackson. The core is right there defensively. So to me, I think that that's solid and then the additions it we're talking about here. We're talking about him because we're in the free agent frenzy. We're talking about certain players. That can just be plugged in there. The defense as is strong enough offensively speaking the anything that you had a problem with with the offense. The defense was able to take care of. I think that the one question I would have about some of the choices obviously kickers number one. But also the running back spot if Jordan Howard is going to be what the bears this upcoming season. I had no problem with it. If it's Howard if a Serie Cohen and the backup there Mike Davis who was a terrific coach and also really good player. Now, he's going to be a running back with the bears currently at Detroit mercy. Yes. Are they ended terrific coach everywhere? He's gone. He's one. So I think Mike Davis. Different. Mike davis. Yes. Yeah. No same. Same Ike Davis as a college basketball. The joke is have people in their minds. That was Mike Davis. The old. I you coach running the football for the bears, but you blew it. So. The newsman for a loop there. That's why. Turnouts newsman. Dan, Centerman, Dan. Can I ask you a question the Mike Davis the new running back for the bears? He also former Indiana basketball coach, right, correct? Yes. All right asking thanks again, black fluid. So now once again, we take a look now again when I'm on a roll. So now, you take a look here. Would be the guy at the comedy show explained the jokes to the crowd around him. Do you see what he did there? He actually said he crossed the street before. That's why the chicken crossed the rough. Okay. That's the problem you'd be the one and they'd kick your ass out. Yup. Well, so now, we take a look here at the the offense and with Al Robinson with trae Burton k what offensive line of things that we didn't talk about all years the offense a wine because they were not a problem last year to give Trubisky time. So all these things are positives. Chris for the team. And so if it's as good as it was last year twelve and four if you are straighten out your special teams issues if you can get past a coaching change the defensive coordinator defensive coordinator, the arrows pointing up for the team. So pro football, focus. It's curse black in Jonathan hood here. Singing for cap today on ESPN one thousand pro football, focus has twain nineteen NFL free agent deal, greater, okay? So they have all these different levels of grading these deals. They have elite very good average below average. The only two deals in the National Football League that got elites. Status. According to pro football, focus was the Packers signing ager name owes for four year thirty six million dollar deal and the Rams signing Eric Weddell to a two year twelve point five million dollar deal. Those are the only two elite deals in the National Football League per football per pro football, focus on their deal, greater. Okay. So here are the three moves that registered on the list for the Chicago Bears. Very good. That was bear sign. Why wide receiver kick returner Cordeiro Patterson to a two year ten million dollar deal? They say that's very good for the Chicago Bears because you had to upgrade that position have someone that back there that can give you give the offense better positioning on the field. Yeah. And you can utilize his skill set outside. Just kick returns and Matt Nagy gets credit here because of his creativity and game planning. He can take advantage of that either running the football catching it out of the backfield or whatever they're going to use Cordeiro Patterson for under the average category. That's where you get Mike Davis. The bear sign Mike Davis to a two year seven million dollar deals. So he gets an average grade based on that signing, I keep hearing that like, well, you know, eventually the bears will part ways with Jim Jordan Howard, and like Mike Davis is going to be in the lead. But I don't until I see him on the field. I don't think that that is going to be the case is I don't know if Mike Davis is better than Jordan Howard. Maybe the same maybe Jordan's better than Mike Davis. I mean based on the stats say Jordan, Howard's better based on the opportunities that Mike Davis may get in this offense. He could produce just as well as Jordan Howard. Fairway to kind of look at it. Because I think a lot of people like to say that Jordan Howard, just not very good doesn't fit the system can't play. I don't think that's necessarily the case. Just maybe he just not versatile enough for Matt Nagy where maybe Davis can catch the football out in the flat kind of like to recall Linda's, maybe that's again, that's all we're going to be coming out in burbenay in preseason as we get ready for the season. And then below average gets the grade for bear sign BUSTER screen to a three year deal for sixteen point five million dollars. That gets a below average grade. This was printed out before the ha ha Clinton Dix was signed to the Chicago Bears. So don't have a great on that Perv pro football focus, but I think based on everything I've read and heard that it is an upgrades Asia Rene, mosaic ager name oh signing with the Packers leak grade based on pro football focus, and I think that's close to an elite great for the Chicago Bears. Because I think you're getting upgraded at safety. I'll take it. I'll take it. Because you already again, even if it is. As a negative. You do have others defensively that can be able to mask some of the issues you might have in the secondary. So I'm totally with them. I'm good with those grades for the most part Bester screen. A lot of penalties for BUSTER screen and maybe with a good defense and actually a defense would some discipline. Maybe screen will be better. But in his last few years lot PI's. So here's white pro football, focus writes about screen screen has massive shoes to fill as press. Callahan was top slot cornerback in the league last year. But will not be returning to the bears are reliable in terms of health. He has logged over four hundred covered snaps in each of the last seven seasons. He has surrendered thirty nine touchdowns in his coverage over the past seven seasons. That's good money on a player who allows over five touchdowns seasoning coverage. So they're pointing out that in coverage. He gives up a lot of touchdowns when he's targeted, but he is durable. He plays a lot. So that's. The positive going for him. But he gives up touchdowns which is the negative, especially when you're breast Kellyanne. Who's so tremendous for the Chicago Bears season coverage. Yeah. Well, again, not as durable. Now's durable. And there is the Ying Yang with that. Right. So we'll see we'll say I can say is is that at least the bears were able to do something that the Clinton Dix even though there's no great for him..

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