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Home back to beat the cardinals three to one in game three of the L. D. S. they take a two to one series lead first time that they've had a series lead in the post season since the two thousand two and L. D. S. they did it by Mike Soroka was outstanding against Adam Wainwright bulls starters were fantastic it was one nothing all the way to the nine and then the Braves exploded and Dansby Swanson delivered in the clutch yeah it looks like that one run the Saint Louis cardinals was all that Adam Wainwright was going to need to look for a while like he was going to go out there and do a complete game shutout he needed some help Andrew Miller came in with the bases loaded Freddie Freeman he got a routine fly ball for the out you just felt like it was over I I mean that's what happens in the post season that's what great teams are all about being able to hold that lead but I go back to what Derek Jeter one time told me about Joe Torre as it was a great manager he said he only manages when he has to we didn't feel like that Mike shook needed to manage with Brian McCann coming to home plate this isn't the twenty seven year old Brian McCann they did fit the drove in eighty to ninety runs every year they put him on as the potential go ahead run in the ninth inning with two up to get to Swanson not really sure why I know fourteen is a little better I guess right in and there's a left but not that much to where you would do something like that I know you would like to have that move over again I'd like for he'd like to not have done that but I know is going to have to answer a lot of questions after the game tonight Dansby Swanson with a rocket double to tie the game and then the next batter Adam duvall who's been clutch in this series so far the late innings comes through with a two run not to drive in a pair of three one Braves lead and mark Palance in blocks down the save in the night his second consecutive and the Atlanta Braves of a two to one.

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