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The low 53 apartment to mostly cloudy Sunday with behind the upper sixties without face around the clock on South Florida Severe weather station on the Weather Channel's Jeff Mara News radio 6 10 W. Y o D. Former state covert 19 data. Analysts Rebecca Jones says she is going to turn herself into police, Rebecca Jones said on her Twitter feed that F D. L e agents have an arrest warrant based on documents found on her computer. She insists they found no evidence that she said a message to Florida Department of Health Employees on the State Emergency Channel, which was the original reason they went to her Tallahassee house and seized it. She insists the state is trying to silence her for storing an independent covert 19 database that often questions official numbers. I'm Gordon Byrd, a suspect in federal custody after he allegedly made threats of violence against the Florida State. Capitol. Federal prosecutors in Tallahassee See 33 year old Daniel Baker planned to confront protesters at the Florida capital Sunday and hold them at gunpoint. The federal complaint claims Baker posted on social media before the November 3rd election that he hoped the right would try a coup because he wanted to slay enemies again. The feds say he planned the attack for when supporters of President Trump were expected to be at the state Capitol. I'm Gordon Byrd, and if you're watching Super Bowl 55 in Tampa, you might notice a couple of iconic brands missing from this year's commercials. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola have decided not to run ads during the CBS Super Bowl broadcast. The network is charging $5.5 million for a 32nd spot. Many companies are grappling with the economic downturn due to the Corona virus pandemic. I'm at Madison and no winner in last night's huge Powerball, drawing. The jackpot now moves up from 640 Million to an estimated $730 million on Wednesday. Big NFL playoff game tonight. Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking on the New Orleans Saints at 6 30 Bucks coach Bruce Arians comes down to one on one battles of guys that know each other and Well, who's gonna make those game changing plays in this game? What Florida's news? I'm ju night start 2021 in a new car with zero interest in Ciro, down Miami lakes on the mall dot com. Start 2021 a new car with zero interest in C wrote down Miami lakes on him all dot com.

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