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Has left stand forgotten me. It's dark. I cannot see why does this rain poured down? I'm gonna drive on and I see you have t confusion. Somebody told me I don't Don't know. Oh, whenever where you are sad and and you're feeling alone and left behind. Just take a look inside you when you find out a whole Oh, hold on through the night. Hey, things will be all right. And even when it's done, I can not a bit of smile sunshine from above. Spend me of sunny love. Just hang on. Hang on the vine. Stay soon, you'll be fine. If you start cry, look up to the sky. Something's coming up to turn your tears to instead And so liable burn to advice when change is hard and not nice. If you listen hard the whole night through your sunny someday will come one day so Pink martini is the group you've been listening to the cold Lead vocalists are China, Forbes. And storm large. Those are real names, and it's been really hot in their neck of the woods. Portland High temperatures there tomorrow to be in the mid to upper eighties hotter than that here. And here is one more rain song inspired by the day lose from earlier this week, Sunday standards on W G M rangers falling on.

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