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A man had been hiding in the freezer. Of Sarah Beth's restaurant on Amsterdam avenue In the freezer overnight at this point we don't know but when found by. An employee staff. Members say. The intruder grabbed a knife and. Tried to stab workers should be something out of a, movie save? Wait there's more they. Knocked the knife out of his hand and then. The guy who know apparently new tells them wait. A minute I need an ambulance. The ambulance comes and the guy ends up, dying at the hospital of what we don't. Know yet oh my gosh that's crazy man. Is fifty four years old that's. All police are telling us what he was, thinking don't, you, we may never know Sarah Beth's has been an Upper West side institution it was. Closed, Sunday on the Upper West side, Mike, sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight, eighty a man now charged in. That deadly weekend shooting at a gas station on Long Island we get, that story from WCBS Steve burns they just. Didn't like each other those are the words of Nassau County police commanding officer Steven Fitzpatrick Trying to explain what led up to seventy one year old Lawrence grammar killing. His co worker, at the citgo. And Glen head thirty five year old but, she award on Friday these two had been involved another altercation came physical that got broken up about. Five. In, the afternoon came back to work Saturday these words again, and this time grammar had brought, his gun police say, ward was pronounced. Dead at the scene. Fitzpatrick calls it friction between the two this year and was calling him certain names and taunting him. At times according. To grammar. Had worked there for fifteen years. Ward had just been hired within the past year Fitzpatrick, says grammar? Had a prior rape. Conviction meaning he couldn't legally own a gun in. Mineola Steve burns WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty President Trump. Backtracking on his explanation of two. Thousand sixteen meeting between his son and a, lawyer connected to the Kremlin the president had. Originally said the meeting was arranged to discuss. A program for adopting Russian children. But CBS White House correspondent Jiang's is the, story is, different now President Trump tweeted about the. Trump Tower meeting between his son and a, Russian lawyer in June twenty sixteen writing this was. A meeting to get information on an opponent totally legal and done all the time in politics and it went nowhere I did not know about it. The president and his lawyers initially said he had nothing to do with Don Jr. statement explaining, the meeting but later revealed the president dictated part of the. Message Meanwhile the prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort continues later on today CBS. News Washington. Correspondent Paula Reid covering the case the prosecution is trying, to show how Manafort earn tens of millions of, dollars from his lobbying. Work in the Ukraine that money. Was allegedly deposited into offshore accounts and then laundered to the purchase a luxury good all in an effort, to avoid having to pay taxes here in the US The trial is moving even faster than expected prosecutors say they expect to. Wrap up their case this. Week five days ahead of schedule more deadly violence in Chicago police chief Fred Waller says local gangs, are responsible you know that some of, these incidents targeted and are related to gain conflicts in those areas thirty four people were shot five. Killed, from Saturday to Sunday morning Chicago has, recorded more than three hundred murders so far, in twenty eighteen that, is more than. Any other US city it is one thirty six this is WCBS on the air at eighty and. On demand only, on the radio dot com app download it now and take us with you know an. Ad. From save money on your car insurance by bundling home and auto with progressive Hey is it always this cold in here It doesn't bother me doesn't bother me vantage just just kind of, curious because. If it's.

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