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A question says who has control of the senate house and white house the are you asking party is at a party question he oh that the republican party is the majority of all all three yes yes a republican party is in the senate majority in the senate majority in the house and president donald j trump is a repub ran as a republican yes that that answered your question we still in answer my if the government shuts down who do you blame you can get partisan with it if you want you can get specific with it if you want i still don't think it's going to happen in thirty hours and thirty okay this is thrown me off cnn and msnbc are four seconds off and it's making my add nuts by oecd nuts is it oecd strive amina they're not they're not on time if the government shuts down who do you blame uh by the way senator jim rish we'll be joining us in the 5 o'clock hour at some point senator jim rush will be joining us live from washington dc writer a hopefully around 506 they're a bit busy so that time is just a hair fluid don't don't locked me into that specifically but he's calling the check and just to give us a looksee but i'm asking you that question or with your we are another month government shutdown who would you pin.

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