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802 831 on 1.54 30 time for the news. The latest New Jersey news from N. J Wanna 15 dot com You might have heard Governor Murphy say the other day. He never exactly issued an outdoor mass mandate in New Jersey. It was only if you couldn't socially distance. But now, with the CDC, saying for most outdoor activities, those who have been fully vaccinated against covert 19 no longer have to mask up Murphy, not giving any indication Jersey will change its policies. Just yet, and update to a story we brought you a few weeks ago, which is an update. 45 years in the making, a retired school bus driver must now stand trial and cold case killing of a pregnant Jersey city Teenagers 63 year old Louise Sierra of Ozone Park, New York, now charged with homicide in the 1976 death of 15 year old Evelyn Cologne. Sierra's attorneys call the charge. Huge reach. Watch the tram car, please. That famous saying we'll be sounding on the Wildwoods boardwalk starting Friday, May 7th a sign of summer at the Jersey Shore for the past 72 years. Patrick Ross Anello, executive director of the Wild Woods Boardwalks, Special Improvement, District, says It is $4 each way, which is about a half an hour ride in each direction. We do have an APP called the Wild Woods tram car app where you can download that and by multiple tickets and get significant discounts, he says. The train cars are the best way to travel from end to end of the two mile Wildwoods boardwalk and experience all sites along the way. Patchwork Elaborate New Jersey One of 1.5 is your covert 19 Vaccination Information station, Go to n j 115 dot com slash coronavirus to find out how you can make an appointment and for a list of vaccination sites in your area on Lian NJ, wanna 15 dot com slash coronavirus. If it's.

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