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For an off the record price. Now continue right now with the private person himself Mike for I guess. We'll talk about the corona verse. Thing you you seem to have no idea in the elevator. We're coming up here. But is there any like steny talks in the clubhouse of like getting pens from fans random ball? You don't know who you're shaking hands with these days like it's crazy. Yeah Yeah I think it's a especially being here. You know the three cases in Florida that are here in this county. It's like no shit talk tonight weekend. My favorite restaurants worked. I was about to eat it like two days ago. One which one Fresh kitchen kept hearing about this whole Goto. Yeah it's great. It's great. They have like seven restaurants in town. Oh boy all of them are great and a worker. There had it. Yes she just get gone back from Italy. She hadn't been there yet or anything but we'll see what happens with the business over there. During the virus roommate just got back from Europe void. No no no. I haven't seen him on the murder him and the body and we're GonNa work 'cause we talk about it and we told you about it and now that you've heard about this memo we're going to like this is going to be a curb your enthusiasm episode signing. There's a memo told us about the memo Paschall case own fake past. I mean obviously like you said you know. Both my parents are doctors so they were crazy. Okay down like a has met suit yes yet. It's crazy. They're great people but they're like. Hey just in case you know thing will come out of the bag just you up to the scene. I was wanted to go all the stair. We know you've got to get you out of here last question. What is the whole year last year at Yankee Stadium? What is it like planning stadium when the crowd is just going nuts? I mean for me dream come true every day. It's Cliche to say but it's what it is. I still look up and see Yankee Stadium. Every day I walk in and take it in. Just be thankful that I kind of doing it for the team. I grew up loving and it's much nicer than walking into grand. Sign up just to see that in all the history there and he even just you walk through the clubhouse every day all the pictures all over all the stories some very funny ones up of of people but just all the history and being a part of that is really amazing. Absolutely anything else you gotta hear me. Cough Mills jumped over the Chen. Punch a conspiracy theory conspiracy is helping the world. Do you think we put walls around the ocean so we have no more no more soon. Nominees there's no more leaks. It's not going to the I feel like if you put a big ass. How's it going to get over when you're driving through the tunnel to from Jersey to New York you're underwater. I don't think it's GONNA work out. I mean I'm GONNA get their beaches I would be. Would there be a door. You see this going through your depend. How do you close? Close the door on all this stuff. I didn't actually question the stair the deaths they're talking and gave him when he was like sure sure. Do you have a favorite conspiracy theory? I love watching the documentaries. Obviously they do a very good job of representing their points all the time. I enjoy watching them. Not One favorite in particular but a lot that interests me They say they could say one fat. Might you sold. I'm this is what I wanted to work a long title of doctor of of all the I'd probably say well thinking about the the new world order one with the Denver airport stuff just yet. I'll say that one because it's just creepy big thing that got me was the barbed wire in. I was like this crazy. That's that point alone. So that's the point I was like. Oh God I'm never find a dead a good option. You guys go said Oh good Mike appreciate you coming on man. Wish all the best rest of spring. It's the regular season. We'll see you hopefully in Baltimore and I hope you guys kick ass this year and bring home number twenty eight. Thanks Mike for the product Princeton. All.

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