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So I don't do really Instagram or Facebook, but I do do Twitter and that is, I think it's Kenny omega maks checks. We're getting a lot of. <music>. Yeah, you gotta be not following me there. You can feel free to do. So I up date every now and then I still haven't tweeted since all in and but but I feel like I should. So I'll probably tweet something even today who knows. Ooh, signs. Mine's easy. It's at Cody Rhodes on Twitter, and I also still have not tweeted really since all in this morning brand goes, you should tweet about selling those shirts today. I don't know if that's. Shirts on sale at the side. See, I don't know about you Cody, but like I was speechless after all in, and I wasn't sure what to say. And I was thinking like, okay, maybe I'll just, I'll just tweet out. Thank you, and that's it. And I'm scrolling through my timeline. I think Nick tweeted out. Thank you a guy. Got hammett's Ababba. The drawing board. You're just like, thanks. Thanks, thanks dot dot dot for nothing. This been amazing is chant dog soon. Yeah. The Next next Asia. Asia. Be there now. Where can kids find you on the on the web. Oh, yeah. Children. I'm at incredible coke on the Twitter's and at coca mania on the Instagram at camel tote and all the things we're at bunnies dot com bunny ears podcast on Twitter ears pod your podcast on instant, but here's pot and leave us a voicemail. We got a phone number call us numbers, eight, four, five, easy hoax. Say what's up. We might play it on the show. And other than that, this has been the first live bunny ears ever so much everyone in the audience who's here. Thank you, everybody. I'm Matt Cohen. I'm Devon saola. What do we do at the end of the show Devon trying to too many Dicks. And if you do send picks. Gag. Bondi rent. On. From God, say in stolen, I will be heading over there to divest defy the accent over animates yet. So I'll come see, Hello. I really went to see my and McClatchy Latham so it'd be tomatoes and, oh, try as many kind over there strike may still to this job enemy frock ever by. Bye. There's the war Stewart's guys. Oh yes. I two things not just because two there, but because it is. You're right. It is Florida. The hottest day ever every day between April and November in Florida. So some games. Hey, Matt, Mack. Current CEO system on the episode, Kenny Cody screen, I rate three. We've got a podcast. Rageh and. I love buddiers goodbye bunny ears, LLC production.

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