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The two populace leaders he won to form it dragged on on wednesday night bloomberg's john lane has this report from rome the five star movement on the league started with talks on a government program but they have yet to persuade president said dramatic ella they have a qualified premier the head of state has signaled he could play an interventionist role he raised the predecessor who picked his own man as premier in rome john lane brumberg daybreak europe global news twenty four hours a day on an tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm leon guarantee this is bloomberg caroline thank you so much are now with your latest sports news is will hear from gallup southgate liter for the first time since the england boss named his squad for next month's world cup in russia liverpool teenager trained alexander arnold is the big surprise expedience don't ju was laid out with jordan pickford jackie butlin selected british titus number ones and johanna konta or booth into the last sixteen it will be frenchman luc up six to seven six contemplated through with a six love six four defeat of soobee sheep release french open champion yulia also painful next leader in the road remains world number one rafael mcdowell takes on canada's danish chuckled googlers nottingham shutout in action this afternoon in the first rounds of matches in one de tocqueville to online shop and britain's simon continues to win cycling's d'italia bizarre the leaders forty seven seconds ahead of defending champion from dumoulin steve's twelve especially sports let's talk about what's going on in europe ni because we're in bulgaria with the western balkan balkans summit is taking place the issues expected to be discussed are the iran nuclear deal in the state of play on the talks with the us on the us trade tariffs joining us now from fear is bloomberg's european government editor alan crawford allen always to get your insight on these high and holy days what are the options for what are the practical options the e you can offer in the face of u s sanctions on iran will do moment what we're finding is a united front on behalf of all the leaders here that they're demanding first of all permanent waiver from.

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