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All that people really pay attention to in mexico and in a seoul so much more than just in november i was in san luis potosi did you go there he us you could allow us beca the un goodness that place blew my mind i actually didn't know that mexico had a tropical rainforest but if you look at the map it actually is below the tropic of cancer which is really interesting um or you know part of it is but that rain forest just i i was like where my weight wear my again because it was so cheap also i dunno if i've been to a cheaper place the site of asia you know but suddenly supposed to see you could get dinner for like two bucks with the best tacos and homemade tortillas and beer on the street you know it's like so incredibly affordable and it kind of blew my mind just beauty wise that's just i mean that's that's one small corner of such a huge country that has highlands than does our end c in all sorts of just everything it really does have it has everything it's the whole package so on the noted that on the flip side of the highlights would have been the low lights of the trip for you because not everything is rainbows and butterflies let's see dosing jarkin it is for me i can point to things for you but it just certain following your instagram that i want you to talk about what happened to your foot in nicaragua on your birthday we was hit it.

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