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These actually I have to buy these these soccer live reading yes because for thirty Bucks then you don't mind so much if you lose them and that's the biggest problem of all they're not legally not tethered to your head or your phone so it's really easy so yeah that's probably what you heard us talking about I have not tried to be fair I use the galaxies but I think it's pretty good allows Bolton to go ahead and publish it but the judge did raise grave national security concerns president calling the knowledge concerns quote a big win against Bolton intraday Burke ABC news Washington our next update coming up at one o'clock I'm Chad Bauer on KOAA news radio eight fifty AM at ninety four one FM well first the good news that earlier crash southbound I. twenty five blocking the ramp to eastbound six Avenue has been cleared we still have delays backing up to about thirty eighth Avenue also start to see some pretty heavy traffic developing west down on I two seventy for my seventy over to Vazquez Boulevard and crashed southbound Parker road and Hampton is backing up stop and go back to I. two twenty five fox thirty one pinpoint weather mostly sunny and nice high near eighty five low down around fifty eight tonight currently in Denver.

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