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The show has a patron fundraiser at patriot that's p a t r e o n dot com would slash projection before you can donate as little as a dollar a month that's twelve dollars a year at least fifty great shows and you terribly ones dot surprise of to montenegro tickets now isn't the projection booth worth it once again let's patriotic dot com slash projection donate day it's too bright themed bye bye bye this is adam spiegel in the host of my second favourite movie podcasts cold proudly resent at proudly reasons dot com and you are listen to my favorite the number one the rejection booth mike put so much work into it if you listen to my show i put no work into it enjoy the rest of the show you lucky son of a gun how does a nice boy from iowa end up writing hardboiled fiction for so much of his career it mostly vote fault of tv networks and the late '50s and early 60s when they decided to fill the airwaves with private eyes show and i dr i'd already rich hirwa colmes so already had that interest but in around fifty eight fifty nine they they started showing things like peter gone and 77 sunset strip and then a number of shows that were based on existing uh mystery stories from mystery theories there was 10man man show there was a philip marlowe show there was significantly mike cameras show so those all drove me into the ritual books i always with somebody install am somebody who like to read the source material wi fi like uh a movie your tv show element same with a history if if there's something historic.

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